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The Threads Magazine helps enthusiastic approachers to create beautiful things. The for more professional sewing techniques, tips and inspiration! You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Threads Magazine. Newest tweets from Threads Magazine (@threadsmagazine).

A magazine for people who like sewing.

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Discussions Magazine - Subscribe or not?

Recently I made the decision to take the leap with an annual Threads magazine membership - widely recognized as the most complete and competent magazine for home sew. I' ve been reading about this magazine so often in blogs and some of its materials are available for free on the internet. The Oscar-winning magazine in the magazine industry - or is it?

I' m the worse man in the whole worid when it comes to subscriptions to journals, to get tired, to hesitate for six month, to go through the highly troublesome procedure, to find a telephone number in small letters, to sit on holding patterns for eons and then to speak to someone about the cancellation of the subscriptions.

Journals are smart. You' re making it really hard to unsubscribe. How much does a UK-based journalist pay for an annual membership of most US journals? Coupled with internacional postal charges it comes in at just 25 pounds timid ly working out at 2 a month or 4 pounds a bimonthly outlay.

Considering I have to pay at least 6 a weeks for latte (that's 288 a year, reader - eek!), my subscriptions don't seem so shit. Its first magazine was the January 2013 edition. All of a sudden I had four pages and ten very detailled images of exactly how that was done.

The same edition featured an essay that takes a closer look at the design of a piece of antique clothing. Get more power for an up and coming comment! Quickly on the heel of this edition, came the November 2012 edition 163. Yup, threads was still excellent - this one with a selected item about attaching pintucks to a brand.

Elsewhere, the magazine was trendy with a Kenneth D. King piece on how to include Peplum in their coat designs, and there was a compact guideline - if you like - for building your own independant sample company: The threads know exactly what they are doing.

Experienced authors, iPad-friendly issues, a powerful and pertinent on-line visibility. They are also very adept at making it clear that they are a) open to readers' input and b) do so. In my opinion, this shows a sound regard for the two-way road of magazine literacy and literacy in such a small area.

However, it is a professional journal, and I am already excited to see how much know-how I have just acquired. If you subscribed, subscribed - and what do you think about stitching journals?

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