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If you are longer than your cruise in the city, the Hudson Valley has a number of other tourist destinations, restaurants and attractions to see. The Birkmose Park has a magnificent view of the St. Croix River Valley and the River. Hudson Valley winter fun. Sites to visit this winter.

Winter fun. xc skiing. Catskills offer incredible attractions for all ages.

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The New Paltz area has a wide variety of hiking and cycling routes with some of the best vistas of the Hudson Valley. The Wallkill Valley Rail is a 24-mile rectilinear footpath between Gardiner and Kingston. The Hudson is the highest and longest footpath in the Hudson Valley Rail and the Dutchess County Rail tracks on the eastern side of the Hudson.

Shawangunk Ridge is a great place for walkers and cyclists with some of the best scenery in the Hudson Valley. Canticou Crag at Mohonk Reserve, Skytop at the world-famous 145-year-old Mohonk Mountain House Resorts, Awosting Falls at Minnewaska State Park Reserve and the Ice Caves at Sam's Point Reserve are just a foretaste of what Shawangunk Ridge has to offer. Enjoy the spectacular scenery at Mohonk Hill.

For the less experienced, you can see the climber in action from the Mohonk Preserve's Undercliff/Overcliff Trail. Hudson Valley Adventure is based in Gardiner on Skydive the Ranch, New York State's No. 1 parachute and parachute training facility, which has been operating in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for over 20 years. There is no better way to see the valley than to see it in free fall from 13,500ft.

The Hudson Valley has everything you need for cross-country skiers, from the prepared carraigways of Minnewaska State Park Preserve to the unkemptured back-country ski of Mohonk Preserve and the high-access, shallow blanket of the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail.

Five great Hudson Valley holidays

Hudson Valley is very different for many different kinds of different individuals. After all, it occupies a fairly large part of the property that stretches 150 leagues up to the magic place they call Albany. Understand that not everyone has a ton to spare to look for the good things, here are five great Hudson Valley getaways highlighting very different (and quite special) nooks from one of the country's most fascinating places.

It' a very good things which in some cases have been proven again and again. 1 AS GOOD AS IT GETS Bard College is not far from the Hampton-like town of Rhinebeck and is not only one of the nerdyest small-scale, libertarian art institutes, but also a window to attractive architectural design that spans more than 100 years and is situated at the north end of one of the most beautiful side streets of the Hudson Valley.

At the Poet's Walk Parc, just down River Street from the colleges grounds, before or after the show, walk the 1. 5 Leagues of Peep. Scenic Hudson, one of the most important forces for the conservation and construction of parks in the valley, takes care of these pastures; paths take you through meadows, forests and finally down to the Hudson River, from where you have an outstanding view of the Catskill Mountains (

If you' re not, stop at Montgomery Place Orchestra's Farmstand, over on Route 9G. These fruit gardens on and around the site of River Road's historical Montgomery Place manor house are part of the revitalisation of many ancient varieties of apples that have almost been forgotten in historical literature.

It is one of the best in the valley for its meticulously blended blend of locally grown produce, which includes veggies from other neighbouring farmhouses. At supper you drive around the nook to Tivoli, a dozy town where Bard pupils and old-time residents like Jann Wenner and Natalie Merchant are mingled.

Panzur, a great spain shop, is not the best known place in the city, but it should be. 2. WEIN + KÄSE + TACONIC Could the Hudson Valley ever lead to Northern California getting a run for its bucks in the winemaking and grocery departments? However, what the valley lacks in terms of meteorological conditions and performance is definitely made up for in the ambience.

We' re really not far from parts of the California Sonoma County area that are changing - in some places sweet, in others fresh ly everyday, but always comfortable and scenically charming and full of locals and city-dwellers. To get the best results, remain eastward of the riverbank - begin at Millbrook Winery, where the site and the local cafe are half the fun at

We continue to Sprout Creek Farm, on the eastern side of Poughkeepsie. We continue on the park way to Columbia County, where the Hudson-Chatham Winery, which considers even the largest snaobs to be promising ( Close by is the mother ship of the Old Chatham Schepherding Company, where you can thank the shepherds for the great cheese varieties that are available in almost every good grocer' shop in town today.

It is a good place to get a small booth on the site ( But don't fill up on too much fuel - before you go home, you have to have a civilised supper at Red Devon, hidden in the beautiful little town of Bangall. The chef Sara Lukasiewicz has received great attention for her Valley-influenced cuisine.

3 BEYOND THE GATES Hyde Park, as one broker would say, is not looking good. Earlier, when Franklin Delano and Eleanor (don't ask who) lived here, down the road from the Vanderbilt Group; back then, when the Culinary Institute of America settled in its very beautiful place above the creek - it was more beautiful then.

And then a group of short-sighted jesters came and chose to suburbanise the shop and turn a tranquil riverbank with a serious family tree into a shitty city. Not only is this an old home trip; there are more than 10 miracles of wonderful hiking trails linking the riverside site to the Val-Kill; it is all under the National Park Service's control, which means it always looks wonderful.

The Roosevelt trails are all about hiking and the outdoors. Nevertheless, the stream vistas from the Bluff-Top-Villa (and further down, on the northern side of the property) are quite dramatic. When you' re fortunate enough to be up here on a day of the week - and you really should - then do it like a budding celebrity cook and eat at the Apple Pie Café, the most laid-back - and one of the best - restaurants on the unspoilt Culinary Institute of America grounds, which is also on the banks of the rivers. The pizza is awesome and the cuisine is one of the best in the valley.

4 UP IN THE SKY On the idyllic Shawangunk Ridge, just south of the bustling university city of New Paltz, Mohonk is one of the largest towns in the state. Scout the paths, scale Skytop Tower and hug around gorgeous Mohonk Lake; for best results, reserve your breakfasts or lunches in your hotels in advanced - the costs (starting at $35 for breakfast) are not unimportant, but considering that you are paying $25 on the weekend to reach the resorts area, it makes more sense. Here you will find the best places to stay.

Mohonk Preserve Lose hits one - entrance is $12 per persons - and walk the pairs of mileage ( "give or take, subject to which ticket you use, all you pass on to the lovely tracks, particulars at up to the mountain lodge. And so we have hear from those who are not us who have done such horrible things (

Modest and very old, this Mid-Hudson Valley place is outdated in many ways; it has gone out of style for so long that its vintage appetite is now working for it instead of against it. You are in Kingston, a place that is never far from the wild - no wonder, considering that the west side of the cities borders the wide wilderness of Catskill Park.

Now it' s all about the end of the Hudson Valley; take the Rondout River and Union Center Road, which leads through the Marlboro Mountains, a flat but very picturesque area with the Shaupeneak Ridge Preserve at the back of the city. Here, about 800 ft above the Hudson River, 6 Miles Trail on 700 acre offers everything from great valley vistas to a comfortable bend around the Louisa Pond, which looks even more beautiful than ever in autumn, with everything around it changing colour (

Only a few driving mins away you are back in the center; here the Stockade Tavern - opposite the old Senate House, briefly the residence of the state parliament during a small cyclone, which we know today as the Revolutionary War - is a particularly good Cocktailbar; is proof of how quickly the area is undergoing change, because more and more urban exiles who like the outdoors and the tranquillity, but also like to travel in a hipster-chic environment (stockadetavern) from time to time.

Talking of things you wouldn't have expected in a city this big, around the North Front Street nook, you'll find Boitson's, a small urban meeting place run by a Blue Ribbon fugitive and not a little like the West Village one.

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