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In the service of Cornwall On Hudson and the surrounding area. Dog-friendly activities in West Point, NY. No dog-friendly activities in West Point, NY. Activities near West Point Motel on TripAdvisor: Explore the best activities in West Point, NY.

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Best for visiting West Point, NY, USA for weather, safety and tourism.

on the basis of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) mean air moisture and air temp. Averages in West Point differ dramatically. Given the relative air humidities, the climate is cool for about half the year and otherwise comfortable all year round with a good shot of precipitation or snows. It is less moderate than some - in the twenty-third percentile for good wheather - in comparison to touristic places in the world.

When you are looking for the wettest period to go to West Point, the hotter seasons are July, August and then June. Refer to mean temperature per month below. As a rule, the warmer season is mid-July, when the peaks are usually at 87. 5F (30. 8°C) with low temperature below 64.

At higher air humidities, higher temperature affects us much more, and cooler temperature in strong breezes makes us bitter. The temperature we perceive in the air moisture and windy coldness better depict how warm or cool the days feeling for a single being. As a rule, the highest levels of a given trading month give the best hint of the current year.

When you are looking for arid conditions, the least likely to be significant rainfall in West Point is November, January and then October. Please be aware that in this section we are defining "significant precipitation" as . 1 inch or more. There is the slightest possibility of it raining or snowing towards the end of January.

As an example, there is an annual rainfall of 1 rainfall on 22 January. On the other hand, it is most likely to be raining or snowing at the end of July, with an annual rainfall of 3 downpours in the 23 July weeks. How long before you can find snows in West Point?

Meteorological station do not indicate seasonal snows. Notice that a value of 0 for snows in the graphic below either means that there was no snows or that snows are not reported. Below is the percentage probability of rain and snows in West Point. Below is the chart showing the mean snowfall on the West Point (in) area.

Westpoint has some slightly muggier seasons, with moderate wet periods on the other side of the year. April is the least wet and the wettest is 46th 3% and 67.2% respectively. The winds in West Point are usually very quiet. Most windy is March, followed by April and February.

In March, the mean windspeed of about 5.2 nodes (6 MPH or 9.6 KPH) is regarded as a "light breeze". "The highest continuous breezes (the highest daytime airspeed that lasts more than a few moments) are highest from the beginning to mid-February, when the mean top airspeed is 12.

In the following chart the mean monthly air moisture in West Point is shown in percent. Following graphic shows the maximum and mean windspeed in nodes. The total windspeeds are given in nodes. Are you sure it's secure to go to West Point? July is the busy tourist season in West Point, NY, USA, followed by May and December.

Hotel and flight rates will be the most high in these seasons, but you can make savings if you buy well in advance. However, if you buy well in advance, you will be able to get the best value for money. It is unlikely that visitors will come to West Point in November. Anyone who is willing to come at these hours will probably find it the cheapest one. Thus, a value of 58 in November means 58% of visitors compared to July.

Moisture and temperature make this period of the year look slightly cool. 3 °F (4. 6°C) with higher temperature in the later heats. The rainfall is somewhat widespread with 7 to 8 significant rainfall per mont. It is the liveliest period for the tourist industry, making it a good place for those who want to do something.

Mid-year seasons have very pleasant meteorological conditions with high temperature, which are pleasant. Most rainfall in these seasons is 8 to 9 nights per week. June- August is the second most common tourist time of year in West Point, so accommodation and other types of accommodation may be a little more expensive.

7F (8. 7°C), which feels cool in humid and windy conditions. from 5 to 6 day per week. Because of the bad season conditions, the tourist industry is slower, so that it is possible to offer affordable accommodation. West Point's seasonal climate is far too cool to be comfortable for travellers in hot weathers.

Averages for this year range between 44°F (6.7°C) and 33°C. It is raining or snowing quite a lot on average: Six to eight per months.

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