Things to do in West point new York

Activities in West Point New York

Stuff you can do near the United States Military Academy Visitor Center. Find out why it really depends on what they want to do for fun. Discover West Point, New York with the help of your friends. Are you looking for activities near Target? Events and Attractions at West Point.

Dog-friendly activities in West Point, NY

Walking the hardcrabble wilderness area trails is an effortless 3.5 miles walk that takes about 2 hrs with Fido. It is an open path popular with the dog for its gentle hilly terrain, gargling streams and fresh lake. The Cornish Estate trail is an effortless 4.5 miles walk in Hudson Highlands State Park that takes about 2.5 h. The Cornish Estate trails are very scenic.

Walk through the remains of old farm houses and the Hudson River. Pets are not allowed on a lead longer than 10ft. The 3.5 miles long walk to Fido takes about 3h. Though skipping over Hill and King Mountain, the trails overlook the Hudson River, Bannerman Island, Cold Spring and Constitution Marsh and are easier to reach.

Pets are not allowed on our camp sites and must be kept on a leash.

New York, West Point

Do you want to move to West Point, NY? We have everything you need to know about the keys that could make this the best place for you, as well as West Point, NY. Westpoint, NY is in Orange County. There has a total of 6,830 inhabitants, and we have a nice chart below showing the town' s ethnical variety, as well as other important facts and numbers.

How about your rent in West Point, NY? Average earnings in West Point, NY is $100,385 and the average house value is $0, which should give you a fairly good notion of its affordability. Here are some examples of what you can expect.

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