Things to do in the lower Hudson Valley this Weekend

Activities in the lower Hudson Valley this weekend

Saturday, Main St, Beacon, NY, USA. Pelham Picture House, the oldest running cinema in Westchester County. The county offers fun all year round, but with a serious side. Hudson River Rain Memorial Park, lower level: Greenburgh Nature Center offers a range of fun and educational activities for nature lovers.

Activities in Nyack, NY

The Rockland Pride is on its way in 2018! Nyack has been hosting the yearly Rockland Pride party for 20 years, but this year Pride is going on touring! This year Rockland Pride Sunday (June 10, 2018) will be at Garner Arts Center in Garnerville, and Nyack will celebrate with a village-wide Pride Weekend.

You can find more information about the Pride Sunday celebrations and all Rockland Pride festivals here.......

A perfect weekend in Westchester, New York

On the face of it, Westchester doesn't quite seem to be the perfect match for an exciting getaway. Is Westchester a tourist attraction? But with its favorable position - it begins just 12 leagues from Manhattan - and 450 sq. m. of parklands, paths, historical places and heritage landmarks, it's certainly a good season to reconsider New York's renowned state.

The 2015 Westchester County Population Survey reveals that nearly one million residents live in its picturesque cities, Tudor houses and smaller cities - and for good reasons. Westchester is not only full of nature, but also easily accessible from New York City, Connecticut and New England with its rugged roads and through-connection.

No wonder Manhattan's most mighty familys erected their week-end fortresses in Westchester at the beginning of the nineteenth century and have since become one of the most luxury and open to the public in New York, with first-class dining (including an award-winning James Beard Square), plenty of walking paths and magnificent old architecture.

Located in the centre of Bedford, it provides day-to-day practice and has two on-site restaurants: a high-end meal where a meat-rich meal is filled with home-stuff. The hotel's stylish old-fashioned flair attracts a cosmopolitan audience, who wish for an excursion in an upscale fashion without having to go far.

There have been all the intimate features of a Ritz-Carlton feature and, given its centrality, various areas of Westchester County can be reached with ease thru car and track. You' ll then head to Sunday, a delightful 10 hectare riverside home where writer Washington Irving, known for his Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow shorts, lived.

Grab some sundaes before having lunches at Bridge View Tavern in Sleepy Hollow and enjoy the view of the Hudson and Tappan Zee bridges over burger, grill and breweries in the beergarden. Then take the riverside stroll away from the food and go to Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse.

Arriving early enough, go to the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture for a guide and view the glasshouse, field and cattle. One state parliament begins with a rustic buffet in the Bedford Post barn, where local people and overnight stayers start the evening with delicious eggs and brioches, New York maples and homemade muesli and yoghurt.

Working in Mountain Lake Parks, Westchester's most northerly district with 1,082 hectares of hiking paths, ponds and stunning overlooks. End your days with an Inn dining at Pound Ridge, Jean-George's laid-back and stylish gourmet dining place with Hudson Valley and New England delicacies.

This may not be Madison Avenue, but Westchester offers a first-class luxurious retail environment that can compete with the best in Manhattan. Welcome the mornings at the Westchester smoothhies, the high-end White Plains mega-mall, where top-class shops (Gucci, Michael Kors, Tiffany) and mid-range shops (J. Crew, Sephora, Tory Burch) are located.

When it is hot enough, walk to Harbor Island which is also known as the "Jewel of Mamaroneck". "This 4th 5 acres wind farm looks over one of the most beautiful harbours in Long Island Sound and provides stunning views of the sailing boats that cruise the Gold Coast Connecticut houses. The Harbor Island International Beer Festival is held in September with 200 beer brewers, 20 grocers, as well as local musical and entertaining events.

The Stop by Beginnings boutique sells men's and women's clothes from Diane von Furstenburg, Robert Rodriguez, J. Brand and Alice & Olivia.

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