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Float quietly over rolling green hills and picturesque towns. We're only an hour from NYC and Northern NJ. There are things to do in Ellenville: The old-fashioned Philipsburg Manor, Sleepy Hollow NY - an old-fashioned attraction with farm animals and a mill that shows what Sleepy Hollow looked like in the beginning. Activities near Harriman State Park on TripAdvisor:

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The Hudson Valley of New York offers the best activity for children of all age. Children can do things by looking for district, city, or lower Hudson Valley rural district or lower Hudson Valley, Mid-Hudson Valley, or Upper-Hudson Valley towns. Hudson Valley has everything you can do for children:

Children's Activity in Rockland and the Lower Hudson Valley In additon to children's activity, these are arranged by year. The Hudson Valley offers the best activity in summers, springs, autumns and winters. You can find children's sports according to the seasons and bad conditions. Throughout the year, pleasurable outdoor pursuits are performed in more than one year.

For a detailed description of activities for children in the Hudson Valley of New York to help you choose the best activities for your newborn. The Hudson Valley tourist and resident community will find detailed information and access to the best places for children in the Hudson Valley.

Thompson' s Lake Camground im Thacher State Park est situé sur 68 Thompsons Lake Road, East Berne, NY 12059, Albany County im Hudson Valley. Situated in Thacher State Park, this campsite has 140 forested camp sites and consists of a sandstrand, blended coniferous and hard wood woods, rocky limestones and open-field.

Skiing and icefishing in winters. Taghkanic State in Columbia County along the Taconic Mountain Range. Come and see this astonishing play area for children of all age. For those who like to camp, you should check out the campsite at Copake Falls, which is suitable for those looking for a more rural adventure as well as for those looking for a more "homemade" one.

The Taghkanic State Parc provides all season outdoor pursuits. In the Taghkanic State Parc on warm summers, you can swim or exercise in cool weathers. Elderly children can take a demanding walk in Taghkanic State Parc. No matter what kind of exercise you choose - a visit to the nature reserve is something for the whole group.

Children of all age will find plenty of fun and entertainment in the garden. Grown-ups and children of all age like the U-pick season in Hudson Valley. When you are a Dutch citizen or a Dutch citizen, you will find many great children's outings. One of several prominent theme plazas in Netherlandish.

The Margaret Lewis Norrie State Museum in the state castle. There are quiet forest areas, a yacht harbour, campsites and many other interesting things to do. Forty-six campsites and ten huts are available in the area. Extra children's activity in hot conditions and in winter:

Cycling in Margaret Lewis Norrie State ParkBoat start in Margaret Lewis Norrie State ParkCamping sites in Margaret Lewis Norrie State ParkCross-country and snowshoe trekking in Norrie State ParkFishing in Margaret Lewis Norrie State ParkHiking in Norrie State ParkPicnicking in Norrie State Park Plan One days trekking in Dutchess. A strenuous walk will take you to one of the many extraordinary Dutchess County eateries with grassy and bio food.

If you are a younger child, please go to Mid-Hudson Children's Museum in Poughkeepsie. Mid-Hudson Children's Museum is the perfect place for parents with 0-6 year olds. "Celebrating our infancy, we are proud to present objects that move, explore, build, fake, collaborate, create and discover the world. The exhibitions concentrate on the natural world, sciences, alphabetisation, art, religion, culture, music and society and provide opportunities for young people to acquire basic study abilities.

Catskill is a hilly area with both urban and rural properties in the southeast of New York, in the counties of Ulster, Greene, Delaware and Sullivan. "Catskill Forest Preserve is the 287,500 hectare state property in Catskill World. There are a number of possibilities for enjoying the forest reserve in the open, subject to park-wide country classification and special cultivation schedules, among them walking, camp, hunting, angling, ski, mountain bike, climb, canoeing and snowmobile driving.

" "Even though original purpose of the Hudson River School of Art, in 1961 the founder of the company dedicated himself to contemporary art. 50 years after its foundation, the city of Stormking is growing and developing and is one of the worldâ??s premier statue gardens. Younger children can also walk or cycle from statue to statue in this huge room.

If you are younger, ask them what they think of the statue. Storm King is a great adventure for young and old, and even teens will love to learn about statuary in this extraordinary place. Cycling, hiking, and picnics. Fort Montgomery in Orange is a beautiful historical place for interested historical schoolchildren.

The children will reenact the historical battles of Fort Montgomery in this place. The Clarence Fahnestock Memorial Statepark is a all-season preserve in Putnam County. Fahnenstock provides many children's open-air pursuits in its 14,086 hectare Putnam and Dutchess County parks. There are many recreational opportunities in Putnam County during the summers, such as a sand shore providing boat trips and swim.

Schedule a walk in the Fahnestock Parc. Following a relaxing hike, stop for a walk in the beautiful Village of Cold Spring for a picknick in the beautiful gardens or a meal in one of Cold Spring's many local inns. "The Grafton Lakes State Parc, on the wooded plain between the Taconic and Hudson valleys, comprises six lakes and almost 2,500 hectares.

You can also have a snack, take a stroll along the natural paths, go hiking, cycling or horseback riding along the 25 mile long paths in the parks. There are playgrounds at Grafton Lakes to take them to. Only a few steps from Fort Montgomery Historic Site on Bear Mountain is the first of the Palisades region's parks, the magnificent Bear Mountain Parc, famous for its beauty.

Bear Mountain State Park is located in the historical Hudson River Valley. The Bear Mountain has beautiful scenery of seas, streams, ponds, forests, rolling countryside and mountain ranges. The 5000 hectare park landscape provides breathtaking attractions such as Perkins Point, overlooks from the Bear Mountain Bridge footpath and the Appalachian Trail.

There are many outdoor pursuits for children of all age. During the hottest summers you can enjoy a swimming in the huge Bärengebirgspool, stroll around the Bärengebirgsmuseum and the zoo, where you can see wildlife in their native habitats, start your own boats or hire a small Hessian lake cruiser, hike along the footpaths or just relax on the playgrounds near the Bärengebirgsgasthof.

Located on the scenic Shawangunk Mountain Reserve, Minnewaska State Preserve is more than 2,000 ft above sealevel and encircled by craggy, crags. There are a host of falls, three crystal-clear heavenly seas, thick woodlands, steep rocks and promontories that open up into stunning vistas, clear, valley-cut creeks, world-class climbs and 35 mile roads and 25 mile trails where you can cycle, trek, go hiking and just take in all this just an hours and a half by car from New York City.

Westchester has a wide range of child care facilities when you' re in Westchester as a visitor or live in Westchester. Here you will find a detailed description of our in- and out door adventure program for schoolchildren. In the sunshine of early and late autumn, you can enjoy a State Park in Westchester. There are many amusement park facilities for young and old.

Children and adults can hike, fish, boat and go for other open-air pursuits in Westchester's parklands. Angling at Ward Pound Ridge, the biggest amusement park in Westchester County. For those who like to camp, Ward Pound Ridge is an ideal place to put up a camp site and spend time in the open air among wildlife, birdlife and wildlife.

Schedule a picknick or early supper in one of the Westchester Gardens. Almost all Westchester has one or more play areas for younger people. Schedule a trip to a Hudson River Valley state park on this lovely one. There are many amusement park facilities for young and old.

Indulge in a restful and enjoyable angling experience at Ward Pound Ridge, Westchester's biggest play area. Featuring more than 100 venues to chose from, you're sure to find the right place for a Hudson Valley picnic. Most of the Hudson Valley themeparks are for younger ones, while the bigger ones are for older people.

When you' re looking for a camp site, don't miss the Hudson Valley State Park. The Hudson Valley has great campsites. Take your camp site as a starting point and discover one or more of the 10 shires in historic Hudson Valley.

If you want to have a good time on a wet afternoon, take the children to an outdoor sport program, see children's indoors. View this schedule of rain and very chilly winters activities:

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