Things to do in the Hudson Valley Ny today

Activities in Hudson Valley Ny today

On Saturday afternoon there will be a lecture by Aviram Rozin. Ulster County Fair starts today! Staying in animal-friendly Kingston, New York was just the beginning of our dog-friendly adventures in Hudson Valley! The Hudson River Museum wins three Best of Westchester Awards! Thomas Cole National Historic Site is the former home of Thomas Cole, the founder of the Hudson River School of Art.

Attractions in the West Point - Hudson Valley Area

Fishing, hiking or a relaxed picknick, Bear Mountain State is a picturesque haven. From the top of the Perkins Memorial Tower you can even have a breathtaking view of the mountains. While in Hudson Valley, you' ll be able to see this breathtaking nature reserve. Guided visits, guided tour activities, regular workshop sessions and various exhibitions take place on the site, so that you can see the many different activities of this beloved temp.

Hudson River Tour, NY

Shakes up date nocturnal or a Friday nights meeting with our murders mysty, a Hudson Valley sightseeing tour, or with one of our sponsors. Coach trips and large groups are welcome. In cooperation with the Hudson Athens Lightthouse Association we also provide light house outings. You can see a part of the story here in Hudson off the coast.

With 20 years of tourist sector expertise, Captain Guy makes sure local people and tourists can really get the most out of their Hudson adventures.

Stuff you can do every day of the week

Browse this page and synchronize it with your diary as you keep track of where you're going and what you can do in and around Beacon, NY and Hudson Valley. Please complete the Submission Form if you would like to enter an entry.

For more information about sponsoring this guideline or improving your promotional activities, please click here. Annually scheduled activities are shifted to the bottom of this page and later in the year when the hosting party selects the new date. Many locations have the same location on every weekday or on every specific date of the year.

We have partnered with ACLU, MOVE ON, The Leadership Conference and the National Domestic Workers Alliance to sponsor the Family Belong Together project, the primary objective of which is to provide the necessary reunification dues for reuniting homes with their kids on the US-Mexico-Board. The meeting includes a booksharing.

Poughkeepsie will present groups and solos from the Hudson Valley and beyond with a focus on road musicans. In addition to all the arts and sound, the O+ audience in the O+ Audience will run alongside the former Up-to-Date through an EXPO+ of health and well-being related non-profit organizations, service providers and companies (curated by O+ Poughkeepsie sponsors MidHudson Regional Hospital).

Sign up today to book your place! Hudson Valley is a yearly festival that highlights the talents and locations that promote it. It is the ninth year of the Hudson Valley Festival, which celebrates America's artistic style through community jazzmusic talents and continues to help those who discontinue performing it.

Enjoyment for all age groups, two outdoor stages - the Maine Stage: The Bindlestick Bill, Lydia Adams Davis, Miss Vicki, The Hudson Valley Troubadors et The Quahog Quire. Many artisan and grocery sellers. You' ll be able to listen to a free concert in various jazzy genres at the Newburgh water front, as well as see life shows of guospel, oldie, doowop as well as jewelry.

You' ll be able to listen to free pop, rock and doowop shows, 1950s and 1960s Newburgh' waterside tunes and listen to life shows of European gospels and Jews. Showcasing musicals of Judaic descent, including Broadway theater, jazzy and tradition. There will be a feeling of Judaic proudness, oneness, civilization and tradition shared with a broader fellowship that uses the platforms of Judaic musicians.

You know that returning to class is one of the most busy periods of the year for pupils and mothers. To help the Beacon family, I Am Beacon is working with Key Food to hold the fourth annual Back to Schule Block Party - and we want you to be a part of it!

There' s entertainment, meals, music and give-aways. Please give material (e.g. markers etc.) or material (e.g. books, hints & tricks) for the Back to School "Starter Kit" backpacks, which will be distributed to the first 100 schoolchildren. Contribute to "Class in a Bag", which provides new backpacks and all the school material for pupils in need.

Disseminate the word: Tell your friends about the meeting so that we can get as many people as possible. The Whispering Tree, a French-American French traditional groove rocking couple from Beacon, celebrates the launch of their new record Invisible Forces with a unique appearance at Howland Cultural Center with an opening kit by Americana/Roots pair Pluck and Rail and performances by Beacon favourites Lydia Adams Davis and Susan Wright.

The Hudson Valley artist plays to light the dark of solitude and distress. There is a family-friendly offer with regional dishes, wines, beer as well as musical accompaniment. Howland Cultural Center will be hosting a heavy weight triples fight in September with two Beacon, NY, energetic and energetic pop groups accompanied by one of the most important contemporary electrical groups.

Accompanying the pop-punk act, the celebrated sax player James Brandon Lewis Trio (with bass player Luke Stewart and percussionist Warren "Trae" Crudup III) and the hard grooves of a new group, Sir/Real. With 300 contemporary US performers, stylists and artisans, it is the most loved art venue in Westchester County and the most loved retail space in one of its most loved places.

Free-of-charge organization! Spend a funny days on the farmstead where you can see the sellers villages, hear life-sound, see a show, take part in an obstruction races, study and buy Alpine wares. The PuppyUp New Paltz is a familiy-oriented meeting for all people and dogs!

The Hudson Valley Theare Initiative presents "Broadway In Beacon: Annoon of Musical Memories" with Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance for one afternoons, with classical songs: Annually exhibition and pet- and dogfood campaign. AGM Wingfest 11 is back at Mid Hudson Civic Centre in Poughkeepsie!

More VIPs and our K104 Winter Carnival extra features on how to get the Wing Lover to experience the best cabin fever in the Hudson Valley. The Ultimate Top 40 Party Band, Rock the nocturnal away avec Bedrock et les débuts au Civic Center de Boy Band Pros et Icons !

Collect your ticket, because this show is sold out in advance! Randolph School is hosting its eighth anniversary festival, a traditionally maple-sugaring-festival for the whole town. The Hudson Valley inhabitants are welcome to visit the drawing, gathering and cooking of juice to make siccup. Further outdoor pursuits are singing, story telling, face drawing, co-operative play and walks on Randolph's beautiful wooded area.

Pancakes for a luncheon round off the day from 11 pm to 1 pm. This free of charge meeting includes: Sycamore Sugaring Demonstration, Historische Charaktere von Sharpe, Nature Discovery Room, Planetarium, Live Animal Show, artisanat local et marché alimentaire, musique live et concours annuel de jugement du sirop d'érable. It' our yearly Easter party at Memorial Park.

Among the various events are the Easter Bunny (1 - 12 years old), the Easter Bunny, the raffle of bicycles and baskets, the petting zoo, the Mayor' s Office's official opening, and much more! Howland Public Library Board of Curators honours the Wee Play Community Project - the winner of the Helen Savoit Library Advocacy Award.

To commemorate Earth Day, join the Town of Beacon and Green Beacon Coalition for a citywide clean-up and BBQ on Saturday, April 22. They can work in various places in Beacon on a voluntary basis. Places including High School Woods, South Ave Park, Plate Woods, Rocky Glen Park, Mount Beacon, Long Dock Park, Main Street.

Ree-Play Children's Tag Sales is a fundraiser of the Wee Play Community Project that influences your live in Beacon. You not only get a great deal for some kid's kit that can forever alter the way your kid's live (ok, maybe for 5 minutes), but your buy will contribute to equipping three beacon parks (Tot Park at Memorial Park, Green Street Park and River Front Park) in addition to the kid's coding in the Howland Library, and other urban initia.

Beacon Barks Parade is back on Main St. The Beacon Barks! is the road party for those who enjoy pets, good eating, good entertainment and more. Newburgh Urban Farming Fair takes place on 80 Broadway on the Grand St of Newburgh.

This free open-air celebration will celebrate municipal agriculture with exhibitions, shows, children's events, sales people, meals and draws with the aim of improving the city's inhabitants' accessibility to wholesome foods and at the same times reviving the municipality's financial and cultural viability. It offers a wide range of entertainment for all age groups, from Hudson Valley Seeds craft and seeds project, stories about agriculture and grocery, Orange County Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners specialist horticultural advices, poultry shows and hands-on hints on building and installing containers and containers in your garden.

This year, participants can try Mac & cheeses from some of the best chefs and diners in the Hudson Valley. It is a fun for families of children under 10 years of age and we expect this to sell out before it starts. Children's Day sales, which benefit directly from Beacon Park and other programs, are carried out by Wee Play Community Project.

Friday, April 21 to Sunday, April 23 from 9am to 1pm every day at the University Settlement Camp Theater (Beacon Pool Entrance / 9D, Beacon). Like every year there is a tasty cake sales with bakery products from your own parental (do you know the #BeaconDessertMafia? OMG). Store is open to locals.

Soak up cupcakes from all over the Hudson Valley & more! Besides various handicraft shows and regional salesmen you can see our lambs getting their yearly cut and bought crops in our greenhous. Livemusic - meal - children's activites - information - presentations - souvenir store - visits of the farmstock in the stable - visits of the Verplanck tenant yard - and much more!

Accompany us this Sunday to the opening of Bake Outdoor Farmers' Farmers' market 2018! There will be plenty of your favourite sellers and some new ones from start to finish! There' will be car trips, eating & drinking and more! This is the right place for you if you are interested in Russian or Shabby Chic Design!

With great groceries, workshops (including a Barb show by Barb's Butchery) and shows, tasty meals and the opportunity to see the Country Life team! Listen to more than 40 free band tracks! Try a real dining experience from your favourite restaurant and listen to multi-stage performance all the time.

The Newburgh and Hudson Valley salespeople will be on site to sell handcrafted goods. Put a stool, parasol and your goods up for auction and we'll have a flea market here at 23 West Center Street. Celebrate the best short-cake you've ever dreamed of - homemade biscuit straws with genuine crème - on three sides wrapped in the beautiful Hudson River.

There will be many local sellers who will sell groceries and handicrafts. Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival (Clearwater Festival), the oldest and biggest local folk and environment event, unites great musicians and Clearwater's own label of verdant activities for a uniquely memorable June week. The ClearwaterFest 2018, which will take place on 16 and 17 June on the shores of the Hudson River in gorgeous Croton Point Park, Croton-On-Hudson, NY, is announcing its first line-up.

Two hundred of America's finest freelance artisans and craftsmen meet for the Rhinebeck Crafts Festival for the 6th time in the heartland of the Hudson Valley. Featuring handcrafted items, original handicrafts and arts, culinary specialties, Hudson Valley distillery and winery tasting, hands-on crafts shows and thrilling fun for the whole team.

There' gonna be soundtracks, grocers, kids' entertainment and of course pyrotechnics! Tats. John Car Realty, Homespun, Dominic Penzetta, Dogwood, Hudson, Valley Auctioneers, Greg Zabel, Hudson Beach Glass, Artisan Wine Store, Hudson Valley Brewery, Mobile Tankstelle, Quinns, Quinns, Quinns, Quinns Mitarbeiter, Keyfood, Antalek & Moore, Mountain Tops, Kitchen Sink, Hudson Valley Zoned, Luxe Optical, Anwaltskanzlei Dennis Vetrano, Gate House Realty, Kiwanis Club, Roundhouse, Melzingah Tap House, Poppy's, Beacon Natural Market und Thundercut.

Please see our full story for more information on this conference. Accompany us to our yearly Cannonball Run through the university settlement on Saturday, July 7. Select a 5-kilometre or miles course, both ending with a leap into the beacon pool. $20 for the 5K and $5 for the miles is proposed to support the Beacon Rec After School programs.

O+ Poughkeepsie, a celebration for arts, musicians and spa, will take place on August 5th on the Main Street bloc between Academy and Market Street. This is a great occasion for advanced bikers to go about one kilometer (72 length of a regular 25 yards pool) across the Hudson River and collect money for the not-for-profit River Poolat Beacon.

beacon3D was created by Eleni Smolen with the help and encouragement of Ed Benavente and Insun Kim, with the financial sponsors BeaconArts, and the entire municipality to celebrate the anniversary year 2013. With Arts MidHudson emphasizing the work of artists both locally and regionally, Beacon 3-D has quickly become an award-winning audio-visual experience every year.

By 2016 Beacon 3-D presents the works of eleven artist, among them three new faces - Wilfredo Morel, Ann Provan and Herman Roggerman. More than 60+ sellers, artisans, craftsmen, new gastronomic products and more. More than 30 indigenous breweries, Buckeye Rooster and our hop barbecue from the award-winning Bacon Brothers and many other hop treats will be part of the show.

Buck Eye Rooster and Gold Hope Duo for you! Bacon Brothers, the Hudson Valley Ribfest winner, are serving a hop-smoked BBQ. Movies, eating and entertainment grab the line-up for the fifth yearly Beacon Independent Film Festival at Theatre at University Settlement Camp Park. Visit works by Hudson Valley film makers and performers, dine in restaurants and engage in thought-provoking discussions with business people.

With 300 contemporary US performers, stylists and artisans, it is the most loved art venue in Westchester County and the most loved retail space in one of its most loved places. The craftsmanship in Lyndhurst is an unforgettable adventure! Pupils from high school in and around Dutchess and Westchester counties are welcome to participate in a FREE workshop FREE workshop program, which includes free breakfasts and lunches donated by Beacon High School, Spackenkill High School, Art Mid-Hudson, BeaconArts and the Beacon Performing Arts Center.

Pupils can apply by e-mail to specifying their name, class and name. The Hudson Valley is not only famous for its wines! Hudson River Hudson River Craft Beer festival will return to Beacon in September to host the largest and best ever Kraft beergame.

Join the Riverfront Park to taste over 180 artisanal beer tastings from over 90 of America's finest brewers while you enjoy life sounds, locals and tasty cuisine. We offer general entry and free entry samplings, so you can end the days while you enjoy the view of the Hudson river!

There' are farmyard cattle, chilli cooks, heurits, cappuccino competitions, and more. On Sunday, September 17, 2017, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater announced the second yearly Chefs for Clearwater meeting. Bosses for Clearwater is a relationship between the Hudson Valley leaders, the CIA and Clearwater, to raise consciousness of sensitive questions related to sustainable development and nutritional athletics and to strengthen the relationship with the Hudson Valley Water Catchment Area.

It is a fundraising campaign to help Clearwater's Hudson River environment literacy and advocacy programmes. Hudson River divide has a direct impact on the state of the water and vice versa. The Hudson Valley Seed is a communal meal that celebrates schools and the Hudson Valley Seed. Dinners, beverages, desserts and quiet auctions with great deals at the Hudson Valley Brewery.

Equipped with garden-to-table meals cooked by locals and new breweries from Hudson Valley Brewery and Angry Orchard. WOMS is a lively open arts venue that provides a city-wide showcase for performers, some of whom are rarely seen in Beacon and are better known in other towns or the world.

BeaconArts is working on Beacon on Main. For more information about this year's Window on Main Street artwork, please see our full story. It will include a quiet auction of goods and service and a sales of small works by small locally based people. Beacon and his congregation celebrate this eagerly awaited procession.

The Paraderoute leads from the river to the mountain: from Main and Beekman Streets, near the Municipal Plaza, to Tioranda Avenue. It ends at Tioronda Avenue and the road from Main & Teller to Brett remains open until 4 pm. Large free of charge party where you can go down Main St. to admire vintage vehicles and look under the canopy.

There are free visitor car parks in the DMV car park on Hauptstrasse, in the Rathaus car park, in Memorial Park and in several other free urban car parks around Beacon. Cucurbits of all forms and size, cakes, apple wine and rock sop. There are two solar-powered musical theatres. Thirteenth anniversary and benefit.

The celebration for the whole familiy includes practical agricultural events, living musical entertainment, a holiday farms and a grocery store with tasty dishes, hay cart rides, a turtle procession and much more. Not with Zero to Go and the Beacon Farmers' Fair on Sunday, November 6! Consumption, meals, craft beer and prizes; revenues for the care and search for loving homes for the Hudson's abandoned and Special Needs Felines.

You will have the opportunity to hear the latest news about our catholic beverages, enjoying our traditional beers, our traditional local dishes and a prize draw, and on Friday, October 20, Mid Hudson Animal Aid will hold its sixth catholic festival at Hudson Valley Brewery in Beacon, 6pm - 10pm. The Hudson Valley Brewery organizes the show from 18:00 to 22:00 with free entry.

Visit the River Center of the city of Hudson to make your own pumpkin from Monday to Thursday afternoon. The gourds are delivered by Schenic Hudson and have to be made in-situ. It is free of charge! Visit Grace Smith House, Inc. every October in Poughkeepsie, NY for our yearly Grace Pumpkin Parade!

Celebrating the most creepy times of the year, enjoying apple wine and raising money to help Grace Smith House enable a life without anxiety for family members and those who have survived a family. In Polhill Park (South Avenue/9D and Main Street) the children in costume begin a procession through Main Street, which ends at Teller Avenue.

A Very Beacon Halloween, a Beacon Chamber of Commerce comittee, is organizing this event. The Little Beacon Space (291 Main St., in the historical telephone building) will be distributing goodies from 10:00 to 16:00. You can also use the Beacon Flea on Henry Street behind the postal-station!

The Blushery and Style Storehouse, for example, candies can be handed out in fashion stores and stores on the far eastern end of Main Street, so it's all about the curve to cheat or pamper even more! There' s also a draw that offers a variety of gifts that are great to give away, among them rare items such as novels, CD's, handicrafts, handicraft, gift vouchers for companies and service, as well as special bake and massages.

Funds collected from the Beacon of Love fund-raiser will be given to the Mid-Hudson Refugee Welcome Fund to cover the cost of the goods and service that incoming homes need to facilitate their move to live in America. For more information about this fund-raising campaign, please visit our diary! Savour tasty meals and drinks.

This is a one-day, colourful festival with children's workshop, dancing, theatre und musical events throughout the town. In this year you should definitely attend the OWLS and the huge COO COO COO CLOCK. Sinterklaas is a non-denominational festival that brings together inhabitants and tourists of all age groups and background to an unforgettable festival for kids, the arts and the lights of the conservative seasons.

Call us and reserve your seat today. Picnic Marketing Exchanges, Reader, Healer and Craftsmen are back to offer you a holiday destination like no other! Buy your favourite dealers and new faces. Beacon' s history is the history of a city that comes through difficult periods with great devotion and hopes.

Celebrating those who illuminate our fellowship, the Beacon Hebrew Alliance and BeaconArts join forces to commemorate Illumin8 on the unique Beacon Bicycle Menorah! Livemusic from the Black Coffee Blues Band! The registration for the draw is yearly. They can be obtained from the Beacon High School Help Desk, our offices, or via

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