Things to do in Rhinebeck

What you can do in Rheinebeck

In Rheinebeck you will find local companies and attractions. Offer EVENTS Now visit the Hudson Valley in New York, where you can experience history while enjoying breathtaking scenery. Autumn festival and pumpkin bomb weekend, Rheinbeck. City of Kingston and the Kingston Library regularly host events for children in the community and there are always many other activities for children to participate in.

What to do around the fishing centre

Opposite the fishing centre is the Real House, a permanently sculptured setting set in the middle of the sea, conceived by the international famous Olafur Eliasson. The manor house, constructed in 1900, as well as its location were initially planned by the famous landscaper A. J. Downing. In Rheinebeck you will find companies and sights.

Daily Activities in August - Hudson Valley Magazine - August 2018

The Southern Square & Cajun Dance & Picnic Dinner - one of the many activities during Ashokan Center's South Week from August 12th to 18th - will certainly raise your mood and your legs. Accompanied by Katie Barrie, Rebecca Levitan, Laini Nemett, Alex Osborne, Sophie Treppendahl and others. The finest hard rock band ever.

This is a family-friendly production with a new commission that draws inspiration from Clermont's rich historical and scenic heritage and a choice of repertoire favourites that range from classic to modern. Since more than 20 years this group is known for fascinating shows, which are characterized by dynamic orchestra and explosive rocks. Best-of-breed hop, skirt and doo-wop gigs with 50' and 60' old tunes, free of surcharge.

Please take a deckchair with you and spend an open-air musical night at the lakeside. The Bruce Katz Band will try out their own blue, Soul Jazz and US root styles on May 11. Beethoven, Hans Abrahamsen and Haydn's works are played: Flowers enter Westchester this months when Hippie Festival 2018 comes to Peekskill.

Their line-up consists of Vanilla Fudge, Rick Derringer, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels (top) and Badfinger with Joey Molland. August 13th: American Idol Live! With this violin enthusiast, you' ll spend an unforgettable day listening to violin tunes, listening to songs, and exhibiting photographs and mementos. Contains Dixie Chicks, Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire and more.

Enjoy a relaxed afternoons along the Hudson River at Jazz in the Valley, an international jazz in the Valley event featuring world-class artists. In this year the musical program includes: This is a theatre production inspired by the work of Sojourner Truth and featuring musical, dancing, spoken and puppet performances. This is a 1966 romance with Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole as two robbers who choose to steal a Paris exhibit, but things aren't going according to plan.

Accompanied by first-class operas, theatres, dancing, comedy, films and concerts throughout the whole months, with inspiration from the famous Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. This festival is underlined by classical singing, dancing, food and arts and craft. Please take a deckchairs with you to listen to this open-air jazzy show while enjoying the kitchen of the Slammin' Salmon restaurant. City of Wassaic is invigorated with musical, dancing, art and all-round entertainment for everyone at this free of charge yearly event.

Freshly prepared sangria, genuine Mexico cooking, chicken tartos, reading of Tartar cards and life tunes all year round. This is a down-to-earth, generation-spanning festival of living root sound on two open-air platforms with lots of native cooking and handicrafts for a full week-end. With Hurley Mountain Highway and the Fred Zeplin Volume along with sellers, bouncy castles and car trips for kids, sweepstakes, beers, wines, meals and more.

Featuring creativity and dancing, this singular show integrates scateboarding, physics and comedy and story telling to encourage kids to find their own expression. Monaco is back with his fast-paced and enjoyable magical and funny show of living creatures and boatloads of joy. Go with Elmo and chant and dance.

With Rosita to the tune. It is an internationally produced marionette by the renowned Giulia Dall'Ongaro and Enrico Deotti, two famous performers who brought alive real character in the Commedia dell'Arte theatre traditions, combining drama, musicality and doll play. Every Thursday of the week, a talented comedian from the region will give you one or two laughs for an unforgettable evenings out with your mates.

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