Things to do in Poughkeepsie Ny this Weekend

Activities in Poughkeepsie Ny this weekend

Marvel at Blazing Fall Foliage in Poughkeepsie. Schedule a weekend trip to New Paltz to enjoy great scenery, delicious food and a variety of outdoor activities. Scotch country dance, weaving, spinning, travelling and family activities. Various themes and activities build up the climbing skills and keep the returnees on their toes. Week-end (June/July);

Chili Cook-Off (October); Wicked Weekend (October).

Getaway to Beacon Weekend - I LOVE New York Blog

Beacon, a small city in the Hudson Valley, has become a haven for lovers of the arts and a favourite weekend trip, thanks to the Diart Foundation, which converted a Nabisco boxing printer on the shores of the Hudson River into Dia:Beacon in 2003. Today, more than 75,000 people visit the Musée des Arts Contemporainne et Moderne and the city in which it is located every year.

Whilst a tour to Beacon on a single outing from New York City is easy, there's so much more to savour, so why not schedule your weekend out? 6:00 pm: Dogwood, a favourite of Condé Nast Traveler, is a cosy Main Street bar and dining area that serves excellent dining comforts, with delicious veggie choices, an amazing (rotating) range of artisan beer and real life entertainment.

8:30pm: The Town Crier Café has recently relocated from Pawling to a 250 square meter restaurant on Main Street in Beacon and is the place for Friday night life entertainment. 10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.: In the 300,000 square meter complex on the Hudson River, Dia:Beacon hosts the prestigious Diart Foundation collections, which include works of fine arts from the 1960' to the present day, as well as temporary exhibi -tions and new work.

A major advantage of the site is that it offers room both inside and outside for large-format sculpture and installation, such as Richard Serra's huge sculpture made of stainless steels, through which the visitor can pass. 2pm: Have a relaxed meal at Homespun Foods on the city' s Haupt Street, which will be on TripAdvisor or at the Homespun Dia:Beacon Cafe at the Musée as a top place for lunches.

3:00 pm: After dinner, hike to the various fine arts stores, fashion stores and antiques stores along Main Street. Special features include: the Hudson Beach Glas Galerie and the glassblowing demo workshop in a renovated fire station, the Beacon Artists Union, Reservoir & Wood and American Gypsy Vintage stores, and the quaint Dream in Plastic gifts and Toyshop.

4:00 pm: Take a walk and see the Denning's Point Distillery sampling room, housed in one of Hudson Valley Magazine's Best of Hudson Valley Winner 2015 in one of the 19 th C. Distillery. 7 pm: There are several possibilities for a cosy evening meal in the city. Condé Nast Traveler offers hops, which serve 16 types of artisan beers, as well as 100 s of bottle beers and traditional cuisine.

9 am: Before returning home, visit the Beacon Bread Company, which gives Yelp customers an avarage of 4 1/2 star, for a snackbreak. From Poughkeepsie northbound, take an Amtrak to Poughkeepsie and change to a Metro-Nord. Beacon' is the second stop.

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