Things to do in Poughkeepsie at Night

Activities in Poughkeepsie at night

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Security hike along Main St - Poughkeepsie Forum

I' m going to Poughkeepsie for a show at the Bardavon 1869 Opera House. Amtrak into town is a 10 minute stroll from the railway stop to the Opera House. Are you sure it's okay for a young lady to run alone at Main St. at night? Group FYI~ In front of the railway stations there are usually taxi/taxi services when the cars reach Poughkeepsie railway stations!

While Amtrak allows you to travel safely, there are many more moves and cheaper rates on Metro North for you. Metro North services from Poughkeepsie to NYC depart from Poughkeepsie, so you won't have any problems with late arrivals higher up the line, which can be a problem with Amtrak. Both Amtrak and Metro North will depart from NYC, so this will not be a problem.

North Metro services run from Grand Central, Amtrak services from Penn State. I' ll be coming to Poughkeepsie Amtrak next night and I' m also a young woman travelling alone. Did many taxis really exist outside Amtrak stations when you came in at night? Have you felt secure in the Poughkeepsie area at night?

I' m planning to take the Adirondacks to Poughkeepsie from Montreal for the first trip, but that will depend on your experiences! I would not really have felt secure in Poughkeepsie at night if I didn't have another M-16.

Is Poughkeepsie sure? - Public message board Poughkeepsie

Is Poughkeepsie sure? So how secure is Poughkeepsie? Is Poughkeepsie sure? In Poughkeepsie there are nice houses along Academy Street and Mansion Street. And the best way to see these roads is to go through them. There' a number of good places to eat in town. There' s a great deal of spirit in this town and it's also an great place to start exploring the town itself and all the marvels of the Hudson Valley!

Is Poughkeepsie sure? There' s really nothing to see in the city centre in the Main Street/Market Street area. Usually it' s a couple of cheesy buckers. There'?s nothing in Poughkeepsie that'?s any use. Is Poughkeepsie sure? I' m so sorry to tell you that you had such a horrible event in Poughkeepsie. However, I do not agree and think that the diversion is definitely worthwhile.

I' d look it out for the marvelous WPA builds on Hauptstra├če that President Roosevelt was helping to enable the Hauptpostamt with all its mural paintings and the Poughkeepsie Journalgeb├Ąude. In Poughkeepsie there is still a lot of personality to discover, with a lot of nice architectural style, down-to-earth locals and a lot of Mum and Dad sops.

Is Poughkeepsie sure? Oh, and if you're looking for a good ale or two after all this walk.... try the new English pub on Main St. It's Schatzi's. Is Poughkeepsie sure? In Poughkeepsie I wouldn't say I had a "terrible experience". I' m from the area and went to college there and worked in an agency in Main Street and before that in the Main Mall.

Poughkeepsie. I know her. Now, there are only companies that are still insulated and deserve a visit. A lot of folks I know are scared to go to the main road, and if they have to, they take charge of their own deal and go right away before something happens to them or theirs. Is Poughkeepsie sure?

Poughkeeping is no different from any other area.... There have been changes in development policy and society over the years. But one thing I would find dubious is the notion of exploring Academy Street on foot. Is Poughkeepsie sure?

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