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Activities in Newburgh, New York

Newburgh, New York, is a town steeped in past but still in the present. Located in the Hudson Valley, the town has the state' s biggest old town and the renovation work of recent years has allowed the visitor to return to the past with more than 4,000 historical structures and countless memorials.

As Newburgh' new restaurant, arts gallery and shops along the promenade and the extension of the city' s colleges and hospitals brings the present to Newburgh with a new feeling of communion. Find out more about Newburgh's heritage by visiting the Heritage Locations and History District Tour, which takes in the city's many historical monuments and monuments.

Newburgh City has published a booklet containing 42 homes with photographs and a brief story of each property and a city card (see Resources). Others includes visits to Newburgh's historic buildings, Old Towne Cemetery and Colonial Terraces, a municipality built during the First World War. Every trip has a booklet with maps and sights.

Leaflets can be found on the city's website or in the visitor centre. Get a booklet from the Townhall, the Visitor Centre or the landlord or visit the Newburgh Municipality website. This New York Central Gardens was designed by the same architects:

Opened in 1897, the gardens are a haven for inhabitants and tourists. There is a farmers' fair and several festivities in the warm season. Shelter House im Parc offers artists' exhibits, photo shows and handicrafts. In Newburgh, one of nine towns participating in Art Along the Hudson, a programme that helps support community art.

Chatten with Newburgh' artist and see their work on the River ArtsWalk from June to October on the last Saturday of the months.

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