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Activities in New York 2017

Few places are more pleasant on a sunny afternoon than High Line. Coney Island was the playground of NYC from the turn of the century until the Second World War. An absolute must when visiting NYC! Travel free for 25 minutes to Staten Island and see New York Harbor, the skyline of Manhattan and Lady Liberty, before taking a return ferry from the terminal on Staten Island. New York City, NY: Discover the best activities in New York City with offers of 50-90% discount every day along.

Free Activities in New York

It has a fame for being expensive. However, there is also a lot of free and enjoyable things to do. From David Farley, the New York based Telegraph Travel specialist. The 172-acre large islet just off the Brooklyn Bridge in front of the southwestern tip of Manhattan is one of the city's most popular parks.

From May to October you can take the boat from the Battery Maritime Building (10 South Street) in Manhattan or from Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO. Bicycle rides, a shore, lawn and a perimeter walk make it ideal for an afternoons walk or pick nick with a view of Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty.

Few places in New York City are as emotional, political and patriotic as this place in lower Manhattan. A further mighty memorial to the sacrifices that died on 11 September 2001 is St. Paul's Chapel, the small 1766 chapel opposite the reflective swimming pool, which contains photographs, leaflets and mementoes of the terrorist bombings.

The Brooklyn is probably the most popular of bridges in the whole wide range and is not only esthetically appealing, but also a great stroll. Its 271-foot neo-Gothic arch is certainly the bridge's hallmark, but a stroll along the raised footpath (from Brooklyn towards Manhattan) is a must for any tourist.

The 400-year-old South Street Seaport is known to most New Yorkers as the home of the huge seafood mart. It' fun enough to walk the street, go for a shop in the windows, visit the historical East River boats and enjoy the view of the Brooklyn Bridge near by. Known as Little Italy, this swarm is no longer what it used to be.

However, this has not prevented the tourist crowds from going down to what is still remaining, Mulberry Street. Next Metro:N, Q, C, W, W, J, Z, M, 4, 6 o Canal St. Sprawling and close at the same epoch, New York's Chinatown is not only the main area where you can buy great cheap'Iove NY' t-shirts and cadgets.

It is not the largest Chinatown outside the metropolitan area - this differentiation would fall to the Chinatown area in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - but it is estimated that about 100,000 Chineses live in this Manhattan area. Next Metro: N, Q, C, W, J, Z, M, 4, 6 o Canal St. Sometimes this area is like a film sets, with five-storey apartment blocks whose facades are partially covered by serpentine fire escape ladders, alleys and underground stores.

The Lower East Side was a stronghold of newcomers - especially from Middle and East Europe - a hundred years ago, and because of the high rate of criminality it became known as the place not to go (so you didn't want to go without your wallet). Next Metro: Take the subway to Delancey St. Say you are staying in the'Village' and people who know their New York neighborhood will faint.

It may be difficult to imagine today, but this well-kept stretch of countryside in central Manhattan was once a marshy swamp, a graveyard and then a place of warfare. This is not only because of the huge arc that is located where Fifth Avenue begins, nor because of the recently renovated and redesigned scenery of the village, but also because of the visitors to the gardens.

Bohemian and beatnik, road artists and student from New York University give the place a groove and funny atmosphere. Next Metro:A, C, M, B, D, F, M to W. Fourth St. It all started with a long section of an deserted high-section. The line, constructed in the 1930' s, was used until 1980 to carry goods from the jetties along Westside on Q4th St to Downtown Manhattan.

However, the route got into disorder and a motion that turned it into a wind farm took off with the help of prominent people. Wh-what is this, Grand Central Station? Next Metro: 4, 5, 6, 7 sec. to Grand Central/42nd St. The 86-story Empire State House can get all foreigners oh and afahs, but the "small" Chrysler build ( "77 floors") is a hutner.

This distinctive high-grade high-grade stone shimmers in the daylight and mirrors the town' highlights at noon. Next Metro: 4, 5, 6, 7 sec. to Grand Central/42nd St. It is not New York's largest metro station (this honor would be bestowed on St. John the Divine), but St. Patrick's is the most popular and probably the most magnificent in town.

Next metro: E, M to Fifth Ave. New York and New Yorkers can still be found today using the many features of the park: from lakes and fruit gardens to cliffs and pastures. Every year, 25 million tourists come to the site and it still does a good job of welcoming city-dweller.

Wander the historical beach promenade, take a bath in the Atlantic Ocean or take part in a ball match while the Brooklyn Cyclones Major League ball club plays in the lovely MCU Park right on the beach promenade with free firework every Friday evening in hotummer. This huge and enchanting graveyard was actually a country place in Brooklyn when it was established in 1838.

This 478 -hectare town of the deceased is actually the highest point of the district and offers some beautiful vistas when strolling along artistic tombstones and neo-Gothic chapel. Next Metro: D, N, Ru to St. Sad 25 th, as it is to be said, there are few apparent sights in the municipality of Staten Island.

The free shuttle from Manhattan is one of them. There is a magnificent panorama of the Manhattan sky and the Statue of Liberty.

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