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With the largest collection of Johnny Cash artifacts and memorabilia in the world, our Johnny Cash Museum and Cafe is much more concentrated than its larger neighbour in the Country Music Hall of Fame. The capital of the state of Tennessee, Nashville lies on the banks of the Cumberland River. Near Nashville is a destination for music, history and food lovers and offers a wide range of sightseeing and activities. We have everything under control, from museums and restaurants to live concerts. See our spring activities list in Nashville.

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We' re Musical City and with that name comes every kind of game. If you want to turn day into nocturnal, take a look at our musical life and our nocturne. Try to fill your stomach with some grooving cooking, discover our dining area. P.S. - For those who want to see Nashville without breaching the bench, take a look at the offer:

What it's like to live in Nashville on a budget. Explore everything you need to know about a great stay in the city. Musical events, rides, parks and more. From newcomers to experienced visitors, we have some ideas on how to spend your free day in the city.

With our online traveller, you can choose your schedule and your tastes in a variety of different topics including fun, arts, history, dining, night life and budgets to make your Nashville holiday complete! There' s a whole bunch to do in Nashville!

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We Nashvillians often fell prey to the old Yogi Berra philosophies when it comes to living our hometown: "No one goes there anymore. "But sometimes it needs a boyfriend to visit us from outside the city to get us out of our radio, off the sofa and enjoy the best of what Music City has to boast about.

Hop out and discover some of these unique Nashville adventures (and don't miss our regular event schedule, which is also full of other funny sightseeing highlights in town). Our own Musicians Hall of Fame, a secret jewel of a city auditorium underground building, honours the people who made the musical in the city and is one of our best ofractions.

East-Nashville walkers, cyclists and roller-bladers (obviously still a thing) are enjoying working on the shallow cobbled paths of the Shelby Bottom Greeway, which meanders along the Cumberland and through swampy soils on the banks of the Cumberland. One of Nashville's unique achievements is the sightings of the colourful gold sheasant making its home on the green trail.

When you' re done, visit Butcher & Bee in East Nashville for one of the best brushes you can get in town. Try the goods of Elrod's Beer Garden & Sausage House, Kuchnia & Keller, and Butchertown Hall for some left loves, without parking more than once.

Several Places Despite all these mounds, Nashville is still a fairly good hiking destination, and various travel agencies are pleased to take you on a scenic stroll where you can move as you discover new facts about your cityscape. Some of the trips focus on eating, drinking, listening to local folk songs, stories and so on.

If the two-storey coach passes by, you will get a little bit of pleasure when you know that you are actually living Nashville from the road. While the big guys Jack (Daniels) and George (Dickel) get the most exposure in the Tennessee whisky business, Nelson's Green Brier Distillery has as much story as any of them, and is comfortably situated right in the city instead of almost 80 leagues away.

There are daily trips and rehearsals. Twenty years ago there wasn't much to see in Five Points except the strange crossroads of several streets. It is now one of the city's culture and leisure centres, with the best shop on this side of the riverbank at Woodland Wines Merchant, a great pizza shop at Five Points Pizza, a delicious five-point pizza, a delicious luncheon (and another of our best restaurants) at Margot Cafe, a indoor smoking area at the 3 Crow Bars, and a cool musical pub at The5 Spot Club.

Eremitage If you are looking for a little presidency story in Nashville, you could do much harder than to visit Andrew Jackson's house. Nashville's oldest cinema, Hillsboro Village, has been around since 1925, from 1934 to 1936 as home to the Grand Ole Opry. Several Sites No, Gulf is not just for wealthy county snoops.

With Nashville's great Metro Parks-operated course collections, you can go for a fast round for less than $10 if you're willing to wear your own rackets. While the Nashville Zoo in Grassmere is a great place for family with all kinds of play areas and space for children to get to an early night's sleep, grownups can have a great quality of life even without children.

The Nashville Luncheon Count Sit-ins in the 1960' were some of the most important turning points in the struggle for citizenship in the South. On the fifth floor, on one of these important lunches, there is a restored and restored Ristorante des 5.

Woolworth on September 5 is a real hit from the past and is already one of our best Nashville restaurant with its emotional Mediterranean dining and a games room in the lower level, the New Era Ballroom, which presents everything from jazzy to swingy to R&B. While it may seem rather inappropriate that there is a solid, prominent reconstruction of a Grecian memorial in the midst of a municipal garden, the Parthenon makes more of a meaning once one knows the background story.

For years Nashville has been known as "the Athens of the South", thanks to the multitude of collegia and schools in the city. You are always looking for a volunteer to fill the gym crowd, and who knows, maybe you can try some lunch from a renowned cook or get a free outfit.

GulchThe Station Inn has been known as one of the top addresses for blue grass since it opened in 1974. You name one of the most popular numbers of the category, and you have certainly decorated the small scene in the cosy cafe. There is still free of charge Sunday Blue Grass jams with nightly performance every sunday.

You can also take an organ and join in or just hear the jam of your musician. Well-known for being one of the best colleges of classical arts and the best school in the nation, it is only natural that they also have a library of the best electronic arts and crafts made.

This is the ultimate gearing design, from sonic guitar to electrical prototype axles. First Tennessee Park, observing the Nashville Sound AAA base ball team's match can be an explosion in itself, but if you go to the Band Box Bars and the right-hand dining area, you may not even know when the match is over.

ThusBro Sure, the Bluebird Cafe can get all the video show times on Nashville, but local people hardly even try to get into this green hill because it' s full of tourist bust. They' re both great in their own way, and if they're too full, take a look at our referrals for one of the other surprisingly funny inns.

Instead, make your own route by visiting some of the eco-restaurants along Fifth Avenue of the Arts in Nashville on another date of the months. Nashville has many really good brewers, but nobody else blends good cuisine, interesting beer and a cozy bar room better than Tennessee Brew Works.

Here you can eat and drinks with a view of the brewery or two outside deck. Musician make the songs, sellers sell and supporters flock to the ceilings in front of the two theatres. Musician' s Corner always shows several bands, one of which you may have already seen, and a few others you will know by next year.

You never know what to find down there, from an ancient napoleon dead man's masque to the dry thieves' thumbs. With the biggest Johnny Cash artefact and souvenir library in the whole wide globe, our Johnny Cash Museum and Cafe is much more concentrated than its bigger neighbour in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

The Nashville Workshop is a non-profit organisation devoted to the instruction and preservation of the tradition of jazzmusic. It offers musical instruction for all skill level as well as performances with students and renowned tour musicans. The Roadies is the biggest group of Nashville SC football fans, and their slogan is an honour for the tough work of the crews, who keep the show going: "First in, last out!

Earrington The proprietor of Earrington Vineyards is none other than Kix Brooks, as in "and Dunn", so it's no wonder he wants to mix and match his business with musical talent. Arrington is organizing every week-end, from April to October, Arrington Musik in the Vines, where visitors can have free picnics while they listen to jazzbands and blue grasses.

The Ryman is not called "The Mother Church of Country Music" for nothing. Register here for our Nashville e-mail every day and be the first to receive all the food/beverage/fun the Music City has to boast about. He is a novelist for eating, drinking and travelling. Nashville would like him to think he's Julie, your tour manager.

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