Things to do in lower Hudson Valley

Lower Hudson Valley Activities

Jump the bumper traffic and enjoy the autumn leaves from a train window instead. You' ll be able to move freely for hours, starting with a quarter mile path to see the old lower railhead. Learn more about the Hudson River, the Hudson Valley and the River. It is recommended that you join them both and take advantage of all the fun activities the ladies have to offer! This is Rebecca Ross Head, Lower Hudson Valley.

Activities around Middletown and Newburgh, NY

There are many attractive activities around Middletown and Newburgh..... Be it a stroll in the forest, a trip through the skies or a film in one of America's oldest theaters, there's something in Middletown or Newburgh that will interest you.

So what are we doing in Middletown? Middletown was founded in 1888. Today it offers a broad spectrum of cultural and leisure facilities for tourists and people. The Paramount Theatre is one of the most renowned locations in the town and offers a large choice of movies and performance once you are there.

The flight over the lower Hudson Valley offers some of the most stunning scenery in the state. You can get lost in more than 3,000 hectares of uncultivated forests and water. So what's to do in Newburgh? Newburgh has the second biggest historical quarter in New York State with over 4,000 historically interesting properties.

It was Thomas Edison's second electric road light station, and it was the second US town. Today you will notice that there is still a lot to do. is directly at the water. Surrounded by places that offer everything from Asia mergers to barbecues, it is an excellent place to stay the whole evening, even if you just want to go up and down the Hudson as you pass by.

you' ll see where US destiny was made.

The Hudson Valley Attractions to Explore

Feel the difference Hair Salon, Stone Ridge NY 7Mi. Indulge in the taste of the Catskills and Hudson Valley region with an excursion to one of our regional trade shows / festival or delicatessen. Lots of fun things to do and do in the area! Roost Restaurant Stone Ridge, NY 7 Mi.

Stone-ridge, NY 7 Mi. Benny's Pizzeria Stone Ridge, NY 7 Mi. Rhondout Valley Growers Org. Rosendale Matsu Japanese Restaurant NY 10 Mi. Cherry Ice Cream & DeliStone Ridge, NY 7 Mi.

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