Things to do in Hudson Valley Labor Day Weekend

Hudson Valley Labor Day Weekend Activities

Picnic day in Olana. Time-traveler weekends at the New York Renaissance Fair. Best weekend excursions on Labor Day near NYC. You can buy tickets online at www.hudsonvalley.

org. But, Hudson, NY is the closest thing you could call Brooklyn North.

These are your Labor Day Weekend schedules

In Peekskill, you' ll find a cluster of award-winning alpaca or groovy to Iceland jam. Do you feel a little depressed because you still haven't made any funny schedules for Labor Day weekend? Breaking out your whites for a last trip this past summers at one of these Hudson Valley meetings. At the moment this familiy business picks peach, products and pre-sp season fruit, and this Saturday until the day of work there will also be a concert of real life tunes.

Visit the shop for some of their award-winning chilled malted pasta donuts or the bar for a cafe. On Saturday, September 2, the Gracie's Luncheonette Food Truck will be at the Frederic Church property in Olana from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. so that visitors can savour tasty outdoor dining on the historical site.

The fair is an anachronistic event for Labor Day Weekend: The Fantasy Saturday will encourage visitors to "transform themselves into the mystic essence of their dreams", be it iced dragons, royal fairies or stately hippogryphs. Holidays fans can also savour Barbarian Monday, when a bunch of raiding savages run over the site organizing their games of strength and perseverance.

Costumes competitions, theme shows and theme plays take place throughout the weekend. "The Wright place for farmyard fun" opens its doors for the autumn on Saturday and takes visitors to its squash bed, stroking enclosure, mais labyrinth, horseback riding and more. Complimentary bonuses are the Labor Day weekend and the following weekend for U.S. soldiers and first aiders and their family members with ID.

On Saturday from 2 pm to 10 pm, Hudson Valley's own Orange County Distillery will be working with Boss Hog BBQ to hold an all you can finish pork on Brown Barn Farms. There are also beers, drinks and menus from the "The Bus" restaurant car (plus s'mores!), with a full day of real musical entertainment.

At the Ulster County Exhibition Grounds, only twice a year, Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekends present a selection of around 300 works by some of the world' finest artisans and craftsmen. Amusement will include livemusic, handicraft demonstrations and exhibitions, pet shows and much more. This Saturday to Monday several award-winning Alpakas from Kellogg's Alpakas of Scio, NY!

As the West Point Band's bicentenary concert series culminates, the West Point Band's two hundred year long musical career, entitled Under the Stars, will end with appearances by the West Point Concert Band, Hellcats and Benny Haven's band at Trophy Point, which will eventually grow into an interpretation of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Olympics with firework and gunfire. BeanRunner Café in Peekskill offers Friday and Saturday night concert performance of Salsa Night Friday for Labor Day with Ran Kan Kan Kan (musician and flautist Chico Alvarez and flautist Mauricio Smith, Jr.) and Reggae Saturday featuring The Anthem Band.

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