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Activities in Chicago

Chicago has a million places to visit, see and experience. So, how do you choose between all the top restaurants, nightlife spots, shopping districts, sporting events, museums and performing arts in Chicago? Relax in one of our many parks. Skirt a free outdoor concert. You can spend a day on Chicago's beaches.

Thirty one of the best things to do in Chicago right now

As in any big town, there's no need for boredom in Chicago. When you' re looking for a cultural event, you can either take a trip to a Chicago open-air exhibition or take in a show at a Chicago town. We' ve looked all over the town to compile this listing of the best activities in Chicago - and we're sure you'll find more unforgettable sights along the way.

Ledge attracts the visitor in a glazed case that extends beyond the side of the edifice, providing some rather dramatic images of up to four states. In order to hit the crowd and see the sky at sunset, you should appear during the skydeck evenings - it is open until 8 pm October to February and until 10 pm March to September.

The speciality of Carnitas Uruapan is succulent drawn pig meat, serviced with sweetcorns, peppers and spicy onion. Sure, you could buy a free entrance fee to a kennel but there are over 1,000 animals awaiting your free entry to Lincoln Park.

Having observed flamingoes and black grouse, unwind on the terrace at Café Brauer near by, where you can admire the view of skylines, panini and grown-ups. Get away to a place where the wall is covered with white rose petals, the barkeepers are dressed in traditional Hwaiian sweaters and a flood of colourful straw and toppings.

Millennium Park is the pride of Chicago's front garden and houses icons of popular arts such as Cloud Gate (aka "The Bean") and Crowns Fountain. Be at Dusty Groove, a Wicker Park turntableshop where you can find something new for your phonograph.

Home to the Chicago Cubs since 1916, an aftermath of Wrigley Field ball games, warm dog and beers is a sacred indigenous custom (even if you have to ditch). By the time sun sets, the ball field will be used as a musical place, while the Cubs are on the go, with bands like Pearl Jam, Billy Joel, Lady Gaga and others.

Chicago mobsters like Al Capone were known for visiting the Green Mill in the 1920s, but since prohibition the band has earned a fame for performing it. Usually the band plays until 1 a.m. (later on weekends) and the line-up consists of B-3 organists, jazzsingers and classical big band.

Although the outside climate is bad, the Garfield Park Conservatory is always warmer. From Georges Seurat's icons A Sunday on La Grande Jatte (known for his performance in Ferris Bueller's Day Off) to Andy Warhol's prints by Elizabeth Taylor, the Art Institute of Chicago is full of masterworks from all epochs.

However, did you know that the Muzeum also contains a mediaeval armoury? George Pullman, a business man, set up a railway sleeper wagon plant on the south side of Chicago and constructed an entirely new city for his people. The Steppenwolf Theatre Company, established in the cellar of a Highland Park chapel, has evolved to reflect the diligent ethical spirit of the Chicago theatre world.

It now has three theaters in Lincoln Park, where you can see ground-breaking shows almost every single bill. During the 1980s, Chicago was the epicentre for the development of a new musical style that continues to influence the work of today's hip-hop and electronics art.

When you want to enjoy home musical entertainment, there is no more genuine setting than the Smart Bar, where the Queen Dancing Parties are held every Sunday. The 350,000 sq. metres of temporary exhibits to be explored can be an enormous challenge in determining what to see in the field museum. The beloved Chicago hotshot dogs stall has been closed for years, but Doug Sohn leaves a dignified legacy for his shrouded flesh enthron.

Find great Chicago dog, sausage with gator or goats on the weekend and chicken fritters - come with an appetizer. There' s a good excuse why you can never show up at Au Cheval and sit down immediately: the West Loop Restaurant's characteristic cheese burger has almost reached an iconic must-see Chicago cuisine.

The" single" variation is presented with a blade that sticks out from the top of the swollen roll, while the" double" variation is equipped with two cattle paté. Aupheval does not accept bookings, so you are planning to find a place near to take a drinks while you are waiting to pamper yourself. For the basketbal and Hockeyseason, the site will serve as a home playground for the Bulls and Blackhawks - two of the city's largest professional-athletes.

Oak Park may be a Mekka for Frank Lloyd Wright fans, but you can see some of the architect's best work without ever having to leave town. Robie House in Hyde Park is an example of Wright's typical Prairie School look and feel. Since more than a quarter hundred years a performance in the Empty Bottles serves as a transitional ritual for locals and travelling musicans.

This unimpressive nightclub on the outskirts of the Ukrainian village is far from the city's largest event location (capacity approx. 300), but the people who rent it have a hand for the landings of celebrated rocker, electronica act and experiment musician. Enter the garden of the Phoenix in Jackson Park and you will surely come across the shiny metal pedal of Skylanding, an art work by the painter and writer Yoko Ono.

Rummage the menue at the snack bars, order from a local pub or take a platter to one of the back rooms. The Lakefront Trail leads from the north side of Chicago to the 71 st street on the south side and offers an 18 mile long trail along the shores of Lake Michigan, which links neighbourhoods throughout the town.

Whichever means of transport you take, don't miss to stop and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Chicago skies. The Chinatown resort offers one of the most genuine Chicago Dub Summ adventures on the weekend as the cars wander the room with stewed rolls of pig, stewed cakes and pancakes - just take whatever you want and the server will pay the bill for you.

As you get nearer the loop, Chicago's coastline can become overcrowded, making it sometimes worthwhile to go a little further to lie in the sands. There' are volley ball fields, kayaking rental, a seperate kennel and a great view of the water. Minced meats are presented here on plates, with spicy sauces, lime, onion, and a bouillon of tomatoes.

A deserted el line now serves as a comfortable connection between Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Wicker Park and Bucktown. Cruise your dive, go jogging or just stroll between a pub and a local pub on a hot day.

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