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Show all activities. Rewards - Theme Parks - Aquariums & Zoos - Casinos - Cruises - Farms & Cider Mills - Children's Attractions - Lighthouses - Outdoor. It is Charlotte who has many activities that do not cost a cent. We have compiled a list of free and cheap activities in the city.

Forty-seven inexpensive, fun things for this weekend

You' re gonna ask some of your buddies over and have a ticket out. Gather some of your buddies and go on a portable paper chase. First one to come back with everything on the shortlist will win! Turn it into a treasure hunting game. Consider some imaginative, funny images you could take with fellowship members or look at this page to find treasure hunting inspiration.

Visit your favourite icecream store and treat yourself to your favourite meal! Dairy Queen is situated directly at the lakeside, which is perfectly connected to the number 2! I recently tasted poultry breasts filled with fresh cheeses, momzarella, basil and tomato! In many cases a souvenir gallery has free or discounted holidays.

Bring together your neighbours and your boyfriends to clear up a cityblock. In the municipalities there are usually farmers' fairs on the weekend where you can buy local products. Take her to supper or desert and try to learn more about her. Get the stakes, find a lake and throw the leash!

Your neighborhood libraries have many advantages over and above your existing bookstock. Take your childhood classic to a filmmarathon with your family. Or organize a cash film run! Use brainstorming for all the things you want to do in your lifetime and choose one for this week-end.

Voluntary babysitter for someone who "needs a break" I know many of my mum and dad who would like someone to have a way to take a rest from the hustle and bustle of the world. Locate objects that you can give to your own goodwill or other second-hand store. Get a blankie and go to a playground to observe the star.

Here is a great tool from Michael Hyattfor that will help you think through your biography. In relation to the syllabus, you set three new objectives that you want to achieve in the new six to twelve month period.... and note them down! There are many municipalities offering cheap theatre performances. Gather some of your buddies and enjoy the alleys!

Get a buddy or two, get your breakfasts, and then click on the shop in your area to search for offers. Get some buddies, put your dance shoes on, go to the locals' clubs. Have a few buddies over and test each other's skills with some great TV show-based creativity matches.

So what kind of cheesy, funny stuff do you want to do this week-end?

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