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Westchester Journal news; Created / Published: The Journal News, which serves Westchester, Rockland and Putnam County in New York, is Lohud. com - short for Lower Hudson Valley. North White Plains Metro-North Railroad Station serves the residents of White Plains, Greenburgh and Armonk via the Harlem Line. Dr Miles' editorial in the Journal News.

Miles wrote an editorial on the College's recent report on the middle professions.

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You need a Westchester Journal News magazine pass if you are living in LoHud. With all the day-to-day events from the Lower Hudson Valley's Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam Counties, Journal News is leading the way to your area. Featuring a long history of watching dog journalists and award-winning coverage, Westchester Journal News provides you with the information you can rely on.

A Westchester Journal News-Abonnement gives you: Featured monthly specials that include Lifestyles, LoHud Weekends Entertainment choices, Real Estates, Cars and News from the Wall Street Journal. Get your Westchester Journal news subscriptions today to get your day-to-day news to your doorstep.

The print edition of Journal News in the App Store

Journal News is now on iPad! The Journal News Printed Edition application, in which readers can view the Journal News on an iPad, with all the news items, pictures and advertisements displayed as they appear in printed form. Members can view recent and past editions with their latest log-in.

I' ve never been a big Lohud App fans, because I'm a little "old-school" and like reading the newspapers from start to finish. It is a good way to enjoy reading the magazine in comfort. The main question/complaint is that it is preset to the Westchester release. I' d like to see a preference that allows Rocklanders to use the Rockland release as standard.

All in all, it is a great appeal for all those who want to enjoy reading the paper in the traditional way. I' d also like to get into the Westchester issue of the paper, but this application only makes the Rockland issue. I' ve been calling technical help about the issue. They were unaware of a new application known as The Print Series.

I' m guessing if you want the Rockland Edition, you're good to go. It seems to be an enhancement over the browser-based e-newspaper. I can' t get browserbased versions of the paper after speaking to technical help. Horrible application only because the current paper is not deserving to be downloaded for free.

There is no such thing as qualitiy controls, idiotic coverage that looks like it's being done by third grade students, and essentially all they are writing is an article with a tough message in the form of a tough socialist/liberalism. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock.

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