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Frankly County COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONER'S JOB ANNOUNCEMENT Franklin County Public Library Position Title:

Frankly Countys Board of Commissaries Committees Job Announcement Franklin County Public Library Item Title: Library-/Permanent Full Time Salary: $25,000 This job application will be accepted on July 13, 2018 at 16:00 on the district website: - Application can also be collected from any district authority.

Applicants must be sent to the Planning and Construction Department, 34 Forbes Street, Suite 1, Apalachicola Florida or the County Tax Office, and the Franklin County Board of Commissioners is a drug-free equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Checking-in and out librarian material; issuing librarian's identity documents according to fixed methods; calculation and collection of penalties and currency conversion.

Sort and archive your material accordingly, for example, in alphabetical order or by dealwey number. Assessing customer needs and supporting the use of print, on-line data bases and other librarianship technology. Educate customers on the basics of using open Web sites, on-line tools and service and resources as well as other librarianship technology, which includes, but is not restricted to photocopiers, fax machines and scanner.

Responding to and resolving enquiries for material from libraries, which includes assisting with the localisation of material physically; processing enquiries to other cooperatives or inter-library lending. Specific and other tasks, as allocated, to support programmes and librarian support knowledge, abilities and skills: Requires a high degree of computer use and dexterity.

Exceptional client services capabilities and expertise, consecutive capabilities (Dewey scale ) and the capability to work in a fast-paced environments are necessary; readiness to acquire new capabilities and participate in trainings is indispensable; reporting and raising operations are called for. Abilities in organization, scheduling and logging are indispensable. A-levels, at least 2 years work experiences in a university or university libraries are favoured.

It is possible to consider any equal mix of education and relevant experiences that provides the necessary know-how, capabilities and aptitudes. Has to be good with the general community, other librarians, voluntary workers, kids and young grown-ups, adaptive and agile, ready to work in the evening and on the weekend; and ready to work in another affiliate on request.

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