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The website is an extensive directory of links to online death registers, sorted by federal state and county. IQS, a records management company, offers online records search. More information about fees, the website and contact information can be found here. Time Herald Record, with, is the first source of news and information in the Hudson Valley and Catskills of New York.

City Record Online (CROL) has been expanded into a fully searchable database for all messages published in the City Record newspaper.

New York City Marriage Index, 1950-2017

Wellcome to the first browseable record of the 4,757,588 wedding licences submitted in New York City between 1950 and 2017. It' free, open, publicly accessible information. It is a three-page (occasionally four-page) documentset published by the New York City Clerk's Office. Later, the archives were transferred to the New York City Archive.

This information was made available to the general population through a succesful application for freedom of information and a complaint by Reclaim The Records, submitted to the NYC Municipal Archives in September 2015. It is a three-page (occasionally four-page) documentset published by the New York City Clerk's Office. More recent ones are still saved there, but some older ones have been transferred to the New York City Municipal Archives.

This information was made available to the general population through a Freedom of Information inquiry and complaint by Reclaim The Records, which was compared with the New York City Clerk's Office in the mid-1991. It is a bona fide electronic databank initially developed by the New York City Clerk's Office. This information was made available to the general population through a Freedom of Information inquiry and complaint by Reclaim The Records, which was compared with the New York City Clerk's Office in the mid-2018.

It is a two-page paper published by the New York Health Department. Later, the data was transferred to the New York Municipal Archives. Please be aware that a wedding licence is not the same as a wedding licence! In August 1988, the NYC Department of Personnel established a Register of Partnerships for Municipal Workers, and the Clerk's Office established an official Register for the General Assembly in January 1993.

The programme was not terminated even after the nationwide legalisation of same-sex weddings in June 2011. Please note: Samesex weddings that will be recorded in New York City after June 2011 are covered by the wedding license, not in this record. The Reclaim The of a new application for freedom of information in mid-2018.

Instead of delivering a crude CSV source DB mump, the New York City Clerk's Office initially provided the original six formatted CSV dumps on a single external hard diskette. Every Spreadsheet contained several datasheets, and each one had a limit of 65,000 records. Table calculation rows and rows were in text even if they were incorrect, such as the order of licenses (license ID numbers) row, which was a set of whole numbers.

It was not possible to use the licence number alone because it was unambiguous only within each year and possibly within each district, and we could not be sure that there were no inherent limitations on the databases to make sure that it was in fact a unambiguous area. Spreadsheet files clearly contained some more space before and/or after the text of the spreadsheet file.

After a line in the Brooklyn table, Brooklyn marital licence numbers 9601 to 10000 for the year 1971 are apparently "invalid". NEW: So far we have found that at least 28,000 to 30,000 data sets are lacking for Manhattan for 1967! These notes are available in the town writer's office, but for some reasons they are not included in this data base.

We will probably find more small lots of unavailable datasets as we keep letting other users use this databank. Creativesvdfiles, one for each district, all prepared for use in apps, file analyses or own searches. We' ve merged all the individual pages into individual spreadsheets, cut the surplus blanks from the cell, format the licence box as numbers instead of text, converted all cases where the mean name colums said verbatim "NULL" into real NULLs and made other fundamental corrections, but we have not tried to modify the real name information, even in cases where the name was clearly typoed or otherwise inaccurate.

Obviously, the index scripts produced by the New York City Clerk's Office had some issues with the accuracy of their data: At least in one case where someone is a so-and-so, the third, the town writer's office captures them as "so-and-so 111" instead of as III. As an example, persons whose last name is "McMann" or other name beginning with "Mc" may be mentioned in the databases as "Mc Mann" (with a blank after the "Mc"), which would make it harder to find these entries.

Lastly, there are a few datasets in which the whole line in the base is distorted, full of numbers or other non-alphabetic signs. Is this information publicly available? Yes, in most countries a base marital licence "log" or a marital licence index is regarded as a piece of information for the general public, even if the real certificate or licence may have stringent provisions on the protection of personal information under state life-law.

This was confirmed in New York State Freedom of Information case of 1993, formal Gannett Co, Inc. v. City Clerk's Office, City of Rochester, 596 NYS 2d 968, 197 AD 2d 919 (1993). This judgment requires that information that is considered too personal offensive, such as the licensees' address, must be deleted before publication of the information.

What brought this information online? The information was provided to the nonprofit Reclaim The Records group of activists by the New York City Clerk's Office. In December 2015, Reclaim The Records asked the New York State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) for a copy of the information. City Clerk's Office declined to grant her petition and a complaint was filed in March 2016.

City Clerk's Office decided the case in September 2016 by supplying the information and reclaiming the lawyer's fee. New York City Clerk's Office has created this internal usage databank. Your copy of the databank also contains two maternity leave column for the spouse, which were deleted for confidentiality purposes prior to the transfer of the datas.

All my information (or someone else's information) will be deleted from this website and/or the source file. From a legal point of view, it is not, and we will not support you in the area of censorship of official documentation. The dataset includes only the years 1950-2017. 1908-1929 index microfilm was recently digitised and put online for free use by the general public; it was won in a 2015 freedom of information suit.

The 1930-1972 index microfilm was won in a seperate suit in 2016 Freedom of Information and published in the beginning of 2017. The NYC Health Department's wedding records up to 1937, which were produced by the joint voluntary effort of two non-profit genealogy groups, are also indexed in a completely independent search.

Please be aware that wedding documents and wedding documents are not the same. Learn more about the many different types of New York City wedding notes. May I use the rough information for[a schools projects / a profit-oriented website / my own research / something else]? These details are publicly available.

However, please let us know how you use it so that we can put a hyperlink to your website or your projects and show all the great things they' ve done with this open information. but I know they got remarried in New York City between 1950 and 2017!

Only New York City submitted royalty filings are included in this data base. So if the person you're looking for lived somewhere near here, like Westchester or Nassau counties, they may have requested the licence there, but they would sign the paperwork at the New York City marriage ceremonies.

Furthermore, the content of this information, as provided by the town writer's offices, has some....problems. Learn more about the known issues with the files. I' ve found some guys in this databank, but I know they weren't in New York City between 1950 and 2017! As many as a minute number of persons in this base may have requested and obtained a licence from the city - sometimes more than once!

It is not stated here whether the pair actually said "I Do". Is the year specified for certain persons incorrect; the data base shows the year before their marriage? It' possible that some folks might have requested a licence in December of a year, but got remarried in January of next year.

It would be the year of the licence that would be the year of the petition, not the year of the wedding. Where are the files from all other parts of New York, outside of New York City? The city and the state are two completely separated jurisdiction. In September 2017 Reclaim the records filed a new New York FOIL proposal for the New York State Wedding Index, 1880-2016.

This information will also be made available to the general public, as it should also be publicly available. Be sure to subscribe to our free email newsletter to track our advances in this area and our other inquiries. In case of any doubts, you should contact the city administration directly.

Your copy of this data base also contains information about the bride's and groom's date of delivery while they are not, and perhaps they can take a look at these boxes for you to help you locate a persistently lacking record. Please also be aware that the initial hand-written registers of the 1930-1972 licences, which were previously only available on microfiche, have now been digitalised and put online in early 2017.

And if so, please consider making a contribution to Reclaim The World, the non-profit organisation that has released this information as part of a freedom of information complaint and that operates this website. For a long time now, too many authorities and institutions have been treating geneticists as if we were asking them for a favour if we wanted to see their notes - our notes - instead of acknowledging their responsibility to the general public within the framework of the Act.

The Reclaim Theords changes that. So if you like what we do, if you want more data to be shared with the general population and if you want this to lead to more data in more countries, we sincerely trust that you will contribute to our work.

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