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Army Corps suggests erecting Hurricane Bars over NY Harbor to stop floods.

Responding to the increasing numbers of storms that have struck the New York and New Jersey coasts in recent years, the U.S. Army Corps is suggesting a number of actions to mitigate the risks of windstorm losses. Suggestions included the construction of dams, either in the sea or onshore, and flood walls that would extend over 2,000 sq. m. over New York Habor to safeguard the area's shores.

Existing barrier systems in towns such as Stamford, Conn. and London would have doors that stay open to allow vessels to enter but shut when a storm strikes (h/t WNYC). Following a survey of nine high risks areas, 25 of which are in the NY and NJ on the Atlantic coast, the Corps will present its recommendations at information events in the two countries this months.

Of the five available possibilities, four describe a kind of hurricane tidal barrage or lake masonry. This includes a five-mile long bar between New Jersey's Sandy Hook and Breezy Point in the Rockaways; a barrage the width of the canal that the Verrazzano-Narrows-Bridges crosses; several flood walls and dikes on the low-lying riverside promenade; and only flood walls on the coast.

Riverkeeper, an organisation for the protection of the Hudson and its affluents, said that hurricane flood barricades "threaten the livelihood of the Hudson River". Throughout a paper on its website, the organisation says the off-shore boundaries would limit tide flux, cause pollution and impede the migrations of migrating migratory minnows.

As Riverkeeper said measures are needed to alleviate the impact of major hurricanes, "there is a distinction between the construction of more protected, resistant coastlines over the course of the years and the installation of huge dams in the waters that threatens to alter the ecosystems of the Hudson River and New York Harbor forever". It calls for more information, more open meeting and says that the suggestions do not concern the rise in maritime level.

The Corps is holding the following open gatherings this week:

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