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The Hudson Valley Protection Strategy

Hudson Valley Conservation Strategy (HVCS) is a strict regional environmental policy setting that fulfils several environmental goals. This is a soil preservation effort changing instrument by defining the most effective and synergetic ecosystem of features for maintaining long-term climatic stability, bio-diversity and landscaping connectivity throughout the Hudson Valley, which includes fertile and scenically attractive acres.

All over the world, the nature protection fellowship is facing the global demand for biodiversity and living space to be able to adjust to the climatic changes that are indispensable for their and our long-term survivors. Hudson River Valley's biodiversity and environmental role is facing unparalleled global warming, rising ocean levels, fragmented environments and the degradation of arable land as a result of rapid changes.

These are: bio-diversity (the diversity and versatility of living on earth); climatic resistance (a site's ability to adjust to climatic changes while preserving biodiversity); and scenic interconnectivity (the extent to which scenic factors ease or hinder the mobility of species and natural habitats between large ecosystem blocks).

HVCS is a significant step forward in the integration of The Nature Conservancy's resilent sites for terrestrial preservation with other repositories to achieve viable targets for protection investment in the Hudson River Valley. Overall, the overall plan points to approximately 760,000 acre in the 11 Hudson Valley County, which are the best maintenance investment opportunities for a robust, operational and prolific area.

HVCS provides a permanent and vibrant design framework: it is built on top of current sites and can be readily upgraded to include new areas, new information on nature reserves, changed priority areas or other policy rethink. The project aims at optimising the maintenance value of open spaces investment and provides a policy environment for the Hudson Valley to protect the various tasks of each country trust and soil preservation authority while focusing the investment of these different stakeholders on the greatest possible joint effect.

HVCS is an instrument for managing nature protection strategy, coordinating partners' endeavours and providing information on nature protection measures.

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