The Granite Hotel Kerhonkson Ny

Kerhonkson Ny Granite Hotel

Ice rink picture at the Granit Hotel in Kerhonkson, NY. Inscription on the back reads: New York Supreme Court Appeals Division, Third Division. Bedbugs reports in Kerhonkson, NY. These can be hotel or apartment bed error reports.

Today it is 40 years ago.....

I was in my college year in the 1968-69 season and my folks told me that we would move from Chicago, where I had lived my defining years, to New Jersey. when I had the chance to make new boyfriends in the heart of high schools.

One thing that encouraged me was that the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Cubs I was growing up for, had gotten off to a better start in 1969 than they had been in my life. After subscribing to the Chicago Sun-Times, I received the paperwork by post a fortnight later.

I was able to at least see the sport pages and keep up with first place Cubs. By the time my uncles teacher finished college for the summers, my uncles boss in Ulster County said he could get me a waitress position at the Catskills. As the two of my old boyfriends were gone for the whole sommer and I had nothing better to do, I said yes.

I was taken to the Granit Hotel and Country Club in Kerhonkson, NY. "And he opened the gate to the automobile and took me on my adventurous hero. "I was shown some of the room code, a safe deposit box, where the waiters' coats were kept (red during the days and knows at night), and then I was asked to go down the hillside where I would find all the help.

Soon I was to find out that there were no padlocks on the door and that there was no warm running cold running waters (and not all the way through the summer). I' m a child's waitress. There was a seperate dinning room for the students, which was hardly looked after by carers who were with them the whole days, so that their families had to do sport, unwind at the swimming pools and not look after the group.

So I decided that I wanted to be taken to the adult dinning room as soon as possible, although one advantage of the children's room was to meet the caregivers. Some stupid waitress by the name of Bruce took me under his wings. So he took me to the hotel nightclub, where a jazzy company played every evening, and then a comic.

I' ve ordered Black Russians and got hammered for the first toast. After a Black Russian one evening, I wanted to go back to the cottage when all of the light went out in the hotel. When I came into my room, I did what I had done almost every single evening since I got here.

So I unplugged my little solid-state player and set it to 720 where I could get the Cubs game. I could get the Cubs matches so lat at this time of day, even in the Catskills. In the course of the summers it became even more interesting, because they were still in first place.

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