The Duchess Nyc

Duchess Nyc

Vocal trio in the tradition of the Boswell Sisters. The Duess is a London-born Brooklyn-based DJ and radio presenter. Everything about the Duchess: Ultra Luxe apartments with NYC views.

DameMonix x The Duchess (NYC)

THE DUCHESS is a London-born Brooklyn-based DJ and radiomoderator. Their practice is very emotive and spiritually - which is mirrored in their contribution to the night life as DJ & Promoters in NYC, in their weekly FM show entitled SPIRITAL | MENTAL | PHYSICAL ON WAXX and in joint musical productions with writers, directors, producers, performers, dance and MC' all over the globe.

Unaffected by the art of dance and driven by a lifelong personal adventure, The Duchess uses metal as her main means of communicating; her work is included and stimulating, crude and sincere. is a Detroit-based DJ and production company. She is known for producing dance floors from LA to London with her low discount and houses.

Among her latest releases are a remake for Rocksteady Disco's "Remixes Rarities & Vips Vol 1" 12" (, and the release of her own Frizner Electric record company, which will host her forthcoming album.

About the Duchess: Ultra Luxe Apartments with NYC Images

Philadelphia property firm is participating in a deal that gives it a majority stake in the mixed-use municipality that has been defining the Northern Liberties district since its development in 2009. The New York-based blogger The Bergen Skinny came to our big opening ceremony at The Duchess and falls in loving the school.

Take a look at her report from the meeting and see the buildings. Jersey's go-to blogs Hoboken Girl gives an insight into the Duchess, Nordbergen's most exciting letting population. Read what Hoboken Girl had to say about The Duchess after her trip. NJ.COM came to our opening ceremony at The Duchess and we gave them an exlusive guided visit.

View the photogallery of our models' homes, conveniences and breathtaking townscapes. Zak Klinvex of Post Brother was awarded as one of the 30 Under 30 of the Mid Atlantic Material Estates Journal for his work on The Atlantic Finance Transaction. Read what Zak had to say about working in the property industry and its greatest impact in his previous work.

Higly amended building pop up all over Philadelphia and benefit from the superluxetendency beaten New York City, Miami and Los Angeles. The Multi Family Executive Awards awarded Post Brothers grand prize for the best refurbishment of the $120 million repositioning/redevelopment of Presidential City. This was the biggest individual remediation project in the Philadelphia area.

We' re proud to be recognized as one of the best employers of the Philadelphia Business Journal in 2017. We' re a great side and we're proud of the work they're doing in Philadelphia and the Northeast. FOX 29 will be taken on a Presidential City trip by Mike Pestronk to show the change that Post Brothers has undergone with its reconstruction.

It' s simple to see why Presidential City was so successful, from the spacious penthouse to the Sora swimming pools, the complex' much acclaimed year-round outside area. We' re proud to be a part of the Best Real Estates of 2016 for Presidential City, the biggest apartment renovation in the Philadelphia area.

The Post Brothers has taps into the famous Parisian architectural mastermind Philippe Maidenberg to create the foyer and models' homes for the 4th and last towers to be reconstructed in Presidential City.

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