The Duchess Nyc

Duchess Nyc

With its three spacious decks, the duchess is suitable for every occasion. Born in London, The Duchess is a Brooklyn-based DJ. Contemporary d├ęcor of the duchess offers a panoramic view from every place on board.

Flats for rent - Edgewater and North Bergen

Discover the diversity of luxurious The Duchess suites. The Duchess has a wide range of amenities throughout the entire property, both indoors and outdoors, with Paris Forino's world-class, state-of-the-art functions and artistry. Soak up the comfort of world-class recreation and life-style areas, rooms that are perfect for accommodating your family, and a modern and elegant style you won't find in other rental homes in Edgewater or North Bergen.


Duchess's modern decor offers a panorama look from every place on board. Featuring a soft piano on the deck, a durable hard wood dancing surface on the river deck and a state-of-the-art soundsystem on all-deck. Our interiors are air-conditioned in all weathers for the convenience of your visitors.

There are two different inner and outer duchess cruises with separated inlets. If you are planing a company meeting, a donation campaign, a marriage or a unique celebration, the choice of World Yacht is the first stage to a succesful even.

About the Duchess: Ultra Luxe Apartments with NYC Images

When you' re in the square for a chic new place overlooking Manhattan, The Duchess, the newest rented housing estate in Northern Mountains, is the place to call home {and yes, you will be king. Recently we went to the opening ceremony of the luxury renting in North Bergen {ca. 20 min. from Hoboken} to get the shovel on these homes, and we wanted to move the second our views were placed on these spacious walk-in cupboards.

It is unsurpassed in terms of its position, facilities and views of the gorge. After the opening ceremony {we are speaking about a live-action sushi barbecue and a fancy lady who plays a lightweight violin}, this place becomes a hotspot in the city. Here is a glimpse of the demanding, world-class suites that are just a leap away from NYC:

This Duchess has 320 spacious residences, supplemented by communal areas and a stunning foyer created by the world-famous NYC architect Paris Forino. Located on Hudson River Road {7601 River Road}, you are sure to have an incredible look at Manhattan that you can savour every day - minus the crowds in New York.

Have we mentioned that there is a roof with a winebar, a lounge for children and a workroom? Whatever your size, you'll find high-grade steal equipment, contemporary parquet floors in Europe whiteoak, walk-in wardrobes the size of most NYC homes, and lots of stylish details. Working in Manhattan? With the free shuttles from The Duchess to the NY Waterway boat your trip will be a cinch.

Perspire at Orange Theory, savour your favourite wines and meals in several places just a few steps away and buy at Trader Joe's or Home Depot for everything you need at home. It' really like life in Manhattan - except that you have a lot more room - so get ready for the New Yorkers to think twice about their life as soon as they see yours here.

For more information, please do not hesitate to directly touch the Duchess.

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