The Duchess


The Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes star in a story of a duchess, a duke and their diamonds. There are no corsets in " The Duchess ", an overcrowded, intellectual portrayal of a destitute little wealthy woman, but Ralph Fiennes takes a pair of snapshots of Keira Knightley. On the basis of a real narrative as told in the films, the narrative depicts the cosy, narrow lives of Georgiana Spencer, the Duchess of Devonshire, one of those golden-caged noblewomen who appears to have been prepared, pumps and valued solely for the fertility of her uterus.

When the name of another spencer (guess!) came to mind, you made the film makers very lucky. Georgiana, borne in 1757, walked happily under the merciless eyes of her mum ( "Charlotte Rampling") across the green and green expanses of the Devonshire property and trembled under the unkind hands of the Duke of Devonshire (Mr. Fiennes, very well).

This was a chilly, if briliant capture, the prince took his youthful wife in the expectation that she would immediately give birth to a manly inherit. The movie was full of stormy water falls, trifles and politics (along with a less convincing Sapphic gasp) and, over the years, the Amanda Foreman work. With the undiscovered script he has written, Saul Dibb works with Jeffrey Hatcher and Anders Thomas Jensen and dribgles it back without a little restraint or posttempire scepticism, his recorder follows Georgiana like a hound, a lookout that poorly suits his inexperienced celebrity.

One great beautyness leading with her pine, Ms. Knightley looks beautiful like a Gainsborough image in and out of her silk and satin, but she is not a distantly composing one. "Duchess " is PG-13 (parents strongly warned). Direction: Saul Dibb; authored by Mr. Dibb, Jeffrey Hatcher and Anders Thomas Jensen, on the basis of the Biographie "Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire" by Amanda Foreman; Camera: Gyula Pados; Editing: Masahiro Hirakubo; Music: Rachel Portman; Productions Designer: Michael Carlin; Production: Gabrielle Tana and Michael Kuhn; Publication: Paramount Vantage.

MIT : Keira Knightley (Georgiana, Herzogin von Devonshire), Ralph Fiennes (Herzog von Devonshire), Charlotte Rampling (Lady Spencer), Dominic Cooper (Earl Grey), Hayley Atwell (Lady Elizabeth Foster) et Simon McBurney (Charles James Fox).

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