The Discovery Museum new York

New York Museum of Exploration

It is the best place to get in the mood for discoveries. Her exhibits beat other nyc museums anyway and they sometimes have specials on tickets. At Discovery Place, children can: Discover, touch, observe and get to know different animals and museum objects at our new touch tables! Think of this as your family guide to NYC's favorite discovery museum.

The National Geographic Encounter: Australasian Ulysses

Accompany your boyfriends and families on a stunning, hands-on submarine voyage that takes you to exceptional places and rare natural experiences using the latest technologies. With Encounter's immersing technologies, you can interact with sealions, approach a magnificent, life-sized humpback and explore the unbelievable tales of National Geographic's marine researchers.

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The New York State Museum

Discovery Place is a practical educational centre for young people, from pre-school to 8th-grade. In this vibrant centre for inquisitive young people, it encourages young people to research and study. At Discovery Place, they can:: Discover, move, observe and get to know different wildlife and museum exhibits at our new touching desks!

See genuine fossils and crystals from the museum's collection. Discovery Place offers something for people of all age. Circumferents will be happy to discover together with their kids. Discovery Place is a great place to have a lot of time!

exploration area

The discovery room: This discovery room provides parents and especially kids between the age of 5 and 12 with an active gate to the museum's miracles and a practical look behind the curtains of its scientific work. All important areas of museum research, from humanities to animal husbandry, are covered. Discovering space highlights: Assemble around an genuine Kwakiutl Totempfahl, sculpted in the museum in 1992.

Follow seismic events in near time all around the globe on our seismic displays and discover the nature with advanced high-end microscope technology. Find out more about the Discovery Room for schools..... Discovery Room is looking for young people who are open-minded, academically oriented and child-friendly. At the moment we need people to volunteer for the following shift, with particular attention to accessibility in summers and beyond:

On the weekends, our people volunteer one day a week. On your on-line job applications, please indicate that you are interested in becoming a Discovery Room Volunteer. Scientists and cultures for pre-school children and their families or carers - a scientific or culturally relevant subject every quarter. Discovery Room was made possible by a scholarship from the Edward John Noble Foundation.

Other supporters include Capital One Bank, Ralph M. Cestone Foundation, Nora and Ted Weinreich, V. and L. Marx Foundation, Ducommun and Gross Family Foundation, Daneker Family, Larkin Family and Alice Lawrence Foundation, Inc. This Family Science Program is made possible by the generosity of the New York City Council.

Through OLogy, the Discovery Room, theScience and Nature Program and public programs, Early Childhood and Family Learning at the American Museum of Natural History offers interesting possibilities for scientific education for kids and family. The filomen M. D'Agostino Foundation, John and Amy Griffin, Allison and Roberto Mignone, Sylvain Mirochnikoff and Rebekah Mercer, Sharmila and Ravi Sinha as well as Beth Kobliner Shaw and David E. Shaw are supporting early childhood and family outreach.

Supplementary funds were provided by Mr and Mrs Mortimer D.A. Sackler, Amy and John Jacobsson, Jonathan and Kristy Korngold, Kimberly and Greg Lippmann, Shaiza Rizavi and Jonathan Friedland, Joella and John Lykouretzos.

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