The Classifieds


You define the classifieds (noun) and get synonyms. Classified is an unusual or hidden gem that our specialist author has found for sale in the Autoweb small ads. We have made some security changes to the classifieds service. I' ve always believed that India is not the place where classified ad marketplaces can take the position of the winner in a hurry. The consolidation is underway in the field of online small ads as two popular startups born in Barcelona are in advanced talks to merge their activities in the US.

Captured in the classifieds

We like a big, old cargo can. Featuring the price of petrol nearer 1 a liter, does it make perfect business to run a large motorboat? I' m almost sensing what you' re thinking: That seems to me to be very expensive for a 21-year-old Daimler. Beyond the blatant, it's astonishing how much you can buy for relatively little cash.

A 32-year-old Opel may not be everyone's vision of a real classics. It' s not often that you can buy a vehicle called after a combat engineer, creator and veteran - but here it is. It' very'different' and you may just like it for this simpleity.

To almost everyone, the asking prices for such an engine are a bunch of dollars. If, like us, you are spending an ugly day browsing through used cars classifieds, you will someday find something..... One pound shortly from 25k is thick cash in anyone's expressions, especially if it purchases something that first turned a gear on

Real estate sales, renting in Zimbabwe

Ref: RLG0166 Nice, well kept, brick under tile, 3-bed-mainhouse suite house, open-plan lounge and dining room, a fitted kitchen, flagged, separate bathroom and closet all with tiles..... Ref: PST0011 - 3 beds settee - built-in kitchens - walk-in larder - dayroom x2 - study - bathroom and WC - free standing parking - storeroom - staff rooms -.....

Ref.: KEA0146 4 bedrooms one-story building (near NUST) . Ref: ZUH0078 4 beds,2 bathrooms,2 separated toilets,2 day rooms,dining room,double garage,modern built-in galley with larder and seperate dishwasher...... 13.000 sqm The principal building is a one-storey brickwork under a brickwork building with a.....

Ref: TSM0709 In the center of Mufakose is a 3-room cottage with en-suite, seperate WC and bath with tub, living room, bedroom, living room, bedroom. surrounded & with gate. Ancient farmhouses:- *(a.1) Reed roof home with 3 sleeping rooms, living room, dinning room, 2 bathrooms,.....

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