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Become the first to give an overview of this Tennessee Credit Union site. The Knoxville Teachers Federal Credit Union. You can apply for a teacher's loan here. The Alcoa Tenn Federal Credit Union. Croselling of all Credit Union services.

Tennessee Credit Union - Knoxville, TN at 4794 Kingston Pike

Tennessee Credit Union has been open since 1950. It is the seventeenth biggest credit cooperative in Tennessee with total wealth of $316.57 million and bank advisory and service to more than 25,000 members. 4794 Kingston Pike can be contacted by phone (865) 693-1003 or through one of these means:

Teacher: Cornerstone Financial Credit Union

Available to support teachers in expenditures related to their work, such as training and new teachers' expenditures. Request a teacher's grant here. This salary plan is specifically developed for teachers who are remunerated on a 10-month payroll. Cornerstone Financial Credit Union spreads salary checks over 12 months.

This is an attractive option to the salary plan. The programme offers teachers a 10-month wage period to help them make savings during the summers. Decide how much you want to have available in the summers and the money will be taken from your salary check and paid into your Buzzer Saver acco.

Your savings will be paid out on June 1, June 15, July 1, July 15 and August 1, with the same dividend entitlement as the share savings accounts, and these dividend payments will be reflected in the August 1 outpayment.

News CU-09-1

The purpose of this Bulletin is in particular to deal with the question of the suspension of the cooperative's activities in reaction to possible emergencies of influenza virus type HIV. In addition, this Bulletin provides certain guidelines in the event that a state-chartered credit cooperative in Tennessee closes certain bureaux at the sole discretion of its directors and manager. The credit cooperatives organised under the law of the State of Tennessee may, at their own option and without the Commissioner's consent, suspend bureaux or establishments if such suspension is justified at the direction's sole and absolute discretion. 2.

In the Department of Financial Institutions' view, the finding that an outbreak of HIV/AIDS poses a justified risk to the general population or significantly impairs a credit union's capacity to retain an adequate local workforce to address the needs of its members is a justified reason for closing an outbreak.

Any other event may also warrant suspension and encourages the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors to exercise appropriate judgement in making this decision. The security of the staff of the institutes and of the people on the ground is, however, of the utmost importance when it comes to assessing the adequacy of the closures of bureaux. We collaborate with the relevant governmental bodies to closely supervise and consider the information provided by the state and governmental agencies on such incidents.

In accordance with Part 748 of the Swiss Confederation's rules, the Department shall encourage the Department and the National Credit Union Administration to be informed within five (5) working days of any events leading to the closing of an office which is expected to take more than two (2) workdays. However, credit cooperatives should be noted that if the Fed is open, the Fed may still present money to credit cooperatives, even if a particular credit cooperative has made use of its judgment to shut down the credit cooperative or one of its bureaus.

For more information, please consult your local Federal Reserve office. If you have any queries about this Bulletin, please call Trevor Williams, Assistant Commissioner - Credit Union Division, at (615) 741-6399, or Tina G. Miller, General Counsel, at (615) 532-1030.

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