Technical College of the Lowcountry

University of Applied Sciences of the Netherlands

College of Lowcountry, Beaufort. Lowcountry University of Applied Sciences is a two-year adult education centre. Receive authentic student evaluations, scholarships and detailed information about student life at the University of Applied Sciences of the Lowcountry. Discover the University of Applied Sciences of Lowcountry Reviews, Rankings and Statistics. Pioneer Pacific College.

University of Applied Sciences of the Netherlands

Newer graduates from high schools in Jasper, Hampton 1 and Hampton 2 are entitled to participate! Register now for this two-year course. Come to college from all over. View these fully featured programmes now! 4 years ahead. Begin with your Bachelor's degrees at a small part of the costs and then assign your credentials when you are good to go.

University of Applied Sciences of the Netherlands

TCL is a two-year, extensive low-country college for the low-country South Carolina area. You will find the campsite in Beaufort along Ribaut Road. Further establishments are in the New River area (between Bluffton and Hardeeville, Hampton, Parris Island, and at the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort.

There are 75 courses of studies offered by the university. The TCL dates back to the 1868 founding of the privately owned Mather College to enable the new liberated Beaufort County slave to receive schooling. By 1967, the school's curators were voting to move the school's operation to the state of South Carolina, which had set up a nationwide college system.

In 1970 the name of the college was changed to Beaufort Regional Training Center, in 1972 to Beaufort Technical Education Center and in 1979 to Beaufort Technical College. Throughout this period, the institute began to grow to service the people of Colleton, Hampton and Jasper County.

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The Technical College of the Low Country, a two-year course, gives pupils the opportunity to develop new vocational abilities or acquire credit to enrol for four years of study. There are programmes in a variety of professions and partnership with local colleges make it relatively simple for the student to use their credit.

Situated on the Port Royal Penninsula, the Port Royal campsite is conveniently situated near a number of beautiful sands. Beaufort is home to a number of students' flats. The TCLC sees itself as a university of applied sciences, primarily with technical programmes.

Occasionally, in these areas, associates should directly help the student to get ready for his or her work. The TCLC works with Citadel, Clemson University, College of Charleston, Winthrop University and most South Carolina University colleges to give our college graduates the chance to earn and credit.

There' re many college flats in Beaufort, especially in the Northwest Quadrant. Situated on Broad River near the Atlantic estuary. That means that there are many water farms and sandy areas near students' homes.

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