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Hudson Tarrytown Restaurants

Somers, New York, Westchester / Hudson Valley. During the winter we comfort you with food and drinks to keep you warm. Train: Take the Hudson line from Metro North to Tarrytown station. Be a sponsor - Subscribe to our newsletter. Barley took two weeks on the Hudson.

The new Tarrytown inaugurated with a pop

The Tarrytown Rebelers welcomed a surprising feeding choice July 4 when new shore area barley pub on the Hudson announced that it opened just in time for an open firework supper facility. Situated in the old Striped Bass room on 236 West Main Street - which has been badly hit since Hurricane Sandy in 2012 - Barley on the Hudson is the seafarer station of Barley House, a beloved taverna in Thornwood.

"It was found out three a fortnight ago and we chose to go on it and turn the place around in 12 days," said co-owner Bobby Harris, who noticed that he slept for two hrs every night last months. For the time being, the inside of the restaurants will remain off the grid, as it will be under building until autumn.

However, barley on the Hudson should have no problem winning guests as a target for an open-air meal. Barley on the Hudson meal will provide a courated copy of the Thornwood venue, Harris said, with all the food that would be on one-way trays like you would find in a New England seaside hut.

"We got bushelsontons, a bad bluefinch sandwich, burger and hounds, phillie cheese-steaks," Harris said. In the near futures, the owner hopes to be able to provide a dock'n'dine services to the Hudson River boats. Grantedly tired, Harris said he and his staff were thrilled by the huge resonance for the restaurant's Independence Day comeback.

"He said, "We opened the door at 11:30 a.m. on July 4 and had full desks for the remainder of the even. Go: 236 West Main Street, Tarrytown; (914) 495-3333; thebarleyhouseny.com; Barley on the Hudson will be open from 11:30 am until the middle of the night seven nights a day a week.

Tarrytown, NY Restaurants

Start or end your days in Westchester at Cooper's Mill, the typical Cooper's Mill typical gastronomic establishment. Don't miss a healthy snack every morning, where healthy favourites are prepared with domestic produce. Ruth's Chris Steak House is known for its lavish steak house dishes, which include USDA prime steak and sea food.

It is open only for supper and has an excellent menu of wines. Comprehensive barbeque & full range of services for savoury US food in an relaxed atmosphere. High-quality ltalian river bank dining in a Romanesque farm house with garden. In a former plant with an atmosphere of airiness and a roofed river front pub, new US dishes are served.

Cosy taverna with savoury, fashionable US dishes in a cherry wood room. The HALF MOON is a relaxed US restaurant that serves Hudson Valley products, Montauk shellfish, eviche, raw meat and hamburger. Beach bars offer unrivalled vistas of the Hudson and Manhattan skylines. Small, discerning café that prepares local and international cuisines.

Under the Tappan Zee Bridge you will find a River Side restaurant with a view of the sea, terraces and sundown.

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