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The SunTrust Banks, Inc. is an American bank holding company. SunTrust Bank is the largest subsidiary. If so, log in with your SunTrust Digital Banking User ID and password.

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The SunTrust sites in the United States. The SunTrust Banks, Inc. is a US bank holding-house. SunTrust Bank is the biggest of these. 5 ] SunTrust Bank's most immediate mother bank was founded in Atlanta in 1891. The Trust and SunBanks combined to become SunTrust Banks, Inc. in 1985.

Until 1995, the combined firm was known as Trust Companies Bank in Georgia and Sun Bank in Florida, when all of them adopted the name SunTrust. SunTrust acquired the Third National Corporation of Nashville in 1986, just after the Trust and SunBanks mergers, but kept using the name Third National in Tennessee until 1995 when it combined its whole bank chain under the name SunTrust.

SunTrust acquired the corporate business of the Robinson-Humphrey Company, LLC and founded SunTrust Robinson-Humphrey in 2001. The Coca-Cola Company had a long-standing relation with SunTrust. The Coca-Cola Company was acquired and reorganized by Ernest Woodruff, Chairman of the Trust Company from 1904 to 1922, and W. C. Bradley in 1919 for $25 million.

Georgia's trust company assisted in the IPO by taking Coke stock as consideration for its work. During 2014, the federal authorities, together with the Attorney Generals in 49 states and the District of Columbia, agreed to a composition by SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. On September 30, 2014, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia passed the resolution of approval.

SunTrust's approval decision dealt with the supposed malpractice of SunTrust in relation to the service and protection of mortgages. The SunTrust Group was also committed to creating a $40 million trust for the approximately 45,000 SunTrust lenders excluded between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2013. SunTrust was also obliged to comply with important new homeowner protection regulations.

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