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Fishkill Nail, YH's Nail Salon, Sunny Nail Day Spa. Studio Inc Nail Spa. Many thanks for the excellent support from Sunny. Mikhail Gartrell is enthusiastic about Sunny Nails & Spa. Newburgh was an exceptional location.

Newburgh: Polizei raids clandestine massages salons in the city of Newburgh

NEWBURGH CITY â Eight woman have been detained at six Newburgh City sites for working in massages without permission. The City of Newburgh has also found several breaches of security and city laws in four of these properties, which prompted their closure. In the Sunny Spa at 5177 Route 9W, Wei Xing-Zhi, 40, by Flushing, a criminal unlicensed massaging was ordered and the company was shut down by the municipal codes-compliance department.

The NY Spa at 13 Meadow Hill Road, Yong Hui Mansfield, 44, Tacoma, Washington, was hired to perform an unlicensed criminal work. Sabean Insook, 58, of Flushing, was accused of crime-massage without licence and misdemeanour perpetrated con. of the City Law Registry.

In the Hannah Spa, 274 Route 17K, Renzi Piao, 40, of Flushing, was prostituted with a criminal unlicensed and malfeasance-method. of the City Law Registry. The crime was ordered to perform a royalty-free massaging at the Gold Spa at 47 South Plank Road, Meihua Li, 41, by Flushing, and the company was shut down.

The 31-year-old Ling Li, of Queens, was accused of practising unlicensed and malpractice indictment of sex work. Investigations are carried out by the Orange County Drug Task Force, Department of Homeland Security, the FBI-led Hudson Valley Safe Streets Task Force and the Town of Newburgh Code Compliance Office.

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