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Visited family in Suffern, N.Y., and they suggested Torne Valley for lunch. The Brooklyn Winery is a local wine producer producing boutique wine and seasonal dishes. Free wine tasting of award-winning wines at our picturesque vineyard and winery in Iowa, near Illinois, on the Mississippi.

in Suffern, at the foot of Harriman State Park. Newest tweets from City Winery (@CityWineryNYC).

Vineyards in the Torne Valley - Home

All were very courteous of the host, the lady who carried out the tastings and the waitress. We' ve got a couple of vials of vine on the way out. They were offering some selected varieties of vines and we wanted to buy a few vials so that we didn't care to "pay".

All I could really point out was the negatives of eating. It' always a great adventure.... the wines, the ambiance, the beautiful surroundings..... we could use a little more variation in the choice of snacks/dinners. It is unbelievable and the owner and employees could not be more marvellous. Nice location, funny tastings, tasty wines and meals, great sound and great client services from the TVV-Crew!

Pleasant, welcoming personnel and good musicians! Enjoy a visit to the Alice project and taste the local cuisine. Thank you Steve, Debbie, John, Kim and the whole Torne team for their support of the Floyd Pink Band on Friday evening. An exquisite meal with good food, good food and a pleasant taste of our local grapes in a lovely old house.

But good eating - review of Torne Valley Vineyards, Hillburn, NY

Visited a marriage in the Torne Valley Vineyards on October 10. The 1876 recruitment and villa started them off. Our warm marquee for the welcome with catering station is ideal for a marriage of about 200 persons. They' re quite new and the vine (which is excellent) is made from NY vines, but they will also soon have their own mature bunches with which they can make vin.

This property is simply wonderful in a park-like environment, past which the Torne brook flows. Were you with the Torne Valley Vineyards?

North Fork of Long Island, NY - Macari Vineyards

Macari are proud to be sharing a selection of fine, age-appropriate wine from the North Fork of Long Island Area. The Macari wine range is known for its qualities and personality, just up a precipitous, sand hillside along the North Fork, where the Long Island sound blow.

There are several wine tastings and wine tastings in jars or bottles to give you a glimpse of the vineyards. Become part of the Macari and become part of our prestigious wine club. Become the first to get the best wine, the best wine from the collection, and the few to get. "For over half a hundred years, the Macari dynasty has had its 500 hectares of Mattituck washbasin.

"for an East End winetasting. There is a contemporary, stylish dining room and a breathtaking view of the vineyards, which is almost as inviting for the winegrowers". "Macari Vineyards is a brilliant example of the term'family business' and is now run by three different families, each contributing to its own personal and professional development.

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