Stuff to do in the Catskills

Activities in the Catskills

Just three hours by car or bus from NYC are the Catskills: a mountain range that has long been a paradise for recreational athletes and artists. Do a Zipline Canopy Tour. Discover the Catskills Beverage Trail. You don't know what to do in The Catskills? Are you looking for Catskills to do NY things?

The Catskills' fun activities

The Catskills scenery with its diverse area offers many possibilities for outings. The area' s skiing areas, which range from skiing in the snow to skiing in the mountains, to the high cliffs and icy falls that vertically inspire the climber - you' ll find out what an experience in the Catskills is like behind the curve.

Gnarled tyre lovers can recharge their adrenalin on the Catskills routes when the snows melt. Roxbury's Plattekill Mountains Trailsystem at Plattekill Bike Park offers horseback rides for all skill level during the summers, with group rides such as Rise and Shine Morning MTB Adventures and contests such as the USAC State Championship.

Windham offers bikers a wide range of challenges at the Windham Mountain Bike Park, which are highly rated by the professionals who start there every year during the UCI World Cup Festival. Throughout the year, mountaineers will find a wide range of ways to reach the highest altitudes of the Catskills, among them the cliffiest faces in the area during a climbs in a rocky area in summers and glacier climbs in winters.

The Catskills have a wide range of river raft classification options to suit everyone from beginners to experienced kayakers. Turnwood to East Branch section of the Beaverkill River provides 32-mile, 32-mile long river course of Grade II/III cataracts and is a great multi-day tour. When you need to travel a few mile, the Catskills provide a wide range of ways to get around a few on feet or by plane.

On Hunter Mountain, try New York Z├╝rpline Adventure Tours' five-mile airline route system, which includes a trip on the Skyride to reach velocities up to 50 mph 600ft overground. The Catskills are home to some of the best terrains for endurance runs and top ultra races such as Manitou's Revenge, which runs 54m from Windham to Phoenicia.

To learn more about the Catskills' extensive range of outdoors adventures, please contact the many certified local nature guidebooks.

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