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So, what are your plans for this Independence Day? In addition, we make "copy shops" such as stamps, newsletters, postcards, laminating and faxing. That doc knows his stuff! The LEGO birthday parties here in Westchester! Recently, you have wanted to go on a trip, but this time you need more than what the nearest city has to do.

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It' the season for fallen sheets, gourds and plumes that rain down Halloween ornament. Climb out and savour the autumn before the coldness and snows fall. Soak up the sweet taste of spring at one of these local ice cream shops! In Poughkeepsie, where are the best places to eat to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Enhance your handicap on one of these Poughkeepsie golf courses! Get a good book in one of these local bookshops! For Valentine's Day in Poughkeepsie, NY, where can I buy a flower?

Focus On Cold Spring, NY: 10 things to do and see

is waiting for New Yorkers arriving by Metro-Nord and exploring the area. Antiques stores, fine arts and inviting restaurants adorn the road and breathtaking walking paths are in the immediate vicinity. There are ten good reason to come to this picturesque town, which will take you to Poughkeepsie on the next rail.

While walking down Main Street, take a look at all the old fashioned collection points Cold Spring has to show. When you are interested in walking but not willing to spend your days on the trails, Little Stony Point is the place for you. The wooded promontory provides stunning vistas of the Hudson, surrounding cities and a few small sands.

You can also reach Little Stony Point via Fair Street. When you get off the bus and need a pick-me-up, go to the Cupoccino Café. It is Cold Spring's best coffeeshop, with great breakfasts, sanwiches and cakes. Watch out for the Hudson murals on their walls and return to a home-made icecream after supper.

The West Point Foundry Preserve has much of Cold Spring's story. Located directly on the railway terminus of the railway terminal, the Peserve is the departure point for several picturesque footpaths where you can discover historic sights. This is the ideal place for lunches and dinners. No disappointment in taste or qualitiy with this relaxed but stylish eating place.

Another must-see is the promenade along the Cold Spring. Overlooking the Hudson and the neighbouring hills, the yacht harbour is on the other side of the railway line.

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