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Would you like more information while exploring the area at #StormKing? Sculptures are great, the air is fresh and the view is beautiful. " He said he would make many mistakes in life if he bought sculptures, but he would at least do one thing right. If you are interested in the artists' reproduction rights, please contact the artists or their estates or the Storm King Art Center directly. Its size alone gives Storm King a unique atmosphere.

New Windsor, New York - Storm King Art Center

The Storm King Art Center extends over 500 hectares and can hardly be described as a sculpture area. Since his 100 installation interacts with and even changes the site, Storm King is more often referred to as a sculpture area. Ralph E. Ogden opened a small art gallery for locals an hours from Manhattan in 1960.

In a few years the pictorial surroundings of the Muzeum began to change and quickly attracted sculpture and installation by renowned artist, among them Roy Lichtenstein and Isamu Noguchi. When the Storm King Arts Centre was created, it received more artistic contributions and some custom work.

When the area of the Livingmuseum rose to 500 hectares, the garden came to live again and turned into a hilly area. The Storm King Arts Center spend the next 40 years to develop a philosophie of the integration of arts and the outdoors. There is no work that summarizes the Storm King philosophies and styles of the arts better than Maya Lin's "Storm King Wavefield".

The wavefield gives the terrain a vibrant impression of movement and is not only on the terrain, but a part of it that swings with the wind and stands dramatic against the rolling countryside and forests around Storm King. Though the storm king is dominated by large scale exhibitions, the gallery itself is home to nine art collections and a large number of works.

In keeping with the concept of integrating itself into the countryside, the building is highly aesthetic and is located in an 85 year old castle. Guests are welcome to explore the site and interact with the arts and the countryside at the same time.

Saint Martin Sculpture Tours - Visit Orange County, NY

The Storm King Art Center is known for its magnificent hilly scenery and the exposition of more than 100 large, meticulously placed open-air works, among them works by Richard Serra and Maya Lin. In 2018, the Orange County, N.Y., Bucolian Sculpture Garden is directly dedicated to a current policy theme: the issue of global warming.

Wednesday - Sunday 4 April - Nov. open for a few hrs on the website.

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