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The Storm King Art Center is one of the world's leading sculpture parks. The Storm King Art Center is located in a picturesque area of New Windsor, known for its magnificent views of the mountains and walks. It' not that we don't love Storm King, but it's time to let other fantastic outdoor art institutions spend some time in the sun! In the Hudson Highlands, NYC-ARTS takes a road trip to visit the Storm King Art Center. Retrospective of the Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, NY.

The NYC and Storm King

ICA is pleased to announce, in partnership with EF/Go Ahead, one of the world's leading providers of handcrafted travelling experience, a range of curatorial tours to places of great importance to modern arts open to all ICA members. On our first trip, a three-day trip to New York and the Storm King Arts Center, one of the biggest statue gardens in the nation, just an hours outside the town.

Take an insight into New York's ever-evolving arts community and see some of the most renowned works of modern artwork the state has to show. Visit the Whitney Museum of American Arts, Storm King, the High Line and some of Chelsea's most sought-after galleries and see New York's arts from all sides.

With more than 50 years of global leadership in global training, EF/Go Ahead has more than 50 years of global travelling expertise.

1 Day Trip to the Storm King Art Center from New York

If my data is not available, what happens? If you can't find what you are looking for, please check back often. 0-5 year old kids are free (no seperate seats, please reserve children's tickets if required). The Storm King Art Center, one of the world's premier statue parklands, is located in the Hudson Highlands about an hours drive from the George Washington Bridge.

Discover 500 hectares of open countryside, forests and pastures that offer an excellent backdrop for Storm King's first ever gathering of more than 100 sculpture works by some of the most renowned contemporary artist. By the end of the morning we will be back at the place of our depart. For more information, see "Departure and Returns Details".

The ramp-down period is an estimation and depends on road and meteorological condition. Reward bound for New York City leaves the grounds at 5:00. When you pick up your ticket, please have your booking number ready at the ticket-office.

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