Storm King Mountain Ny

Tempest King Mountain Ny

Newburgh, NY, Storm King and Butter Hill. It is not the'cash point', but still one of the most beautiful views of Storm King Mountain! The Storm King Mountain NY is a worthy alternative to the Breakneck Ridge across the river. The Breakneck Mountain is opposite Storm Kind Mountain. It is an easy circular route to Storm King Mountain in Storm King State Park.

Hiking Sturm King Mountain, Sturm King Mountain Parking Area

From a technical point of view, you climb two peaks, Butter Hill and Storm King, but most folks just describe it as Storm King Mountain. When you have parked, you will find the historic road signs and then turn to your right onto the Orange Track (starting on the other side of the car park). It begins with a moderate incline, but offers some funny little climbing passages.

Go through the piers and then downhill, still on the Orange Track. Immediately after the ascent you will be awarded with projections where you can take pictures. I' m also encouraging you to discover off the trails, there are some great areas where the corners are better for the photographer out there (watch your stand around the cliffs).

When you are up and running, resume the Orange Track and continue until the track ends at a crossroads. IMPORTANT at the end of the Orange Track turn right (the path to the right is small and does not look like a path) and from now on take the YellowTrack.

Take this path to the summit of the Storm King. Some paths will cross on the way up, but simply following the yellow/light blue markings. From Storm King's top vantage point you have a great northern outlook and on clear skies you can see the Catskill Mountains.

When you walk back down the Yellow/Light Blue Track, there are more cliffs to your lefthand side where you can take the track. As you descend, look out for the white track.

Cornwall-on-Hudson Storm King Mountain Trail, New York

It overlooks the Hudson and Hudson Highland State Park. There is a first ascent to the summit of Butter Hill, but the view of the summit is definitely a worthwhile one. Continue for a nautical avenue until you get to the top of Storm King Mountain, where you can take your breaths and take in the magnificent view of Hudson Highlands State Park across the meander.

In order to finish the bend, turn right onto the Blanc Glazed By-Pass Track for 0.4 mile. The route ends on the Howell Track, which you continue for a very brief stretch until you arrive at the Connector Track, which is also marked with blank markings. Continue for another 0.5 mile to get back to the car park.

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