Storm King Center

Tempest King Center

Celebrated as one of the world's leading sculpture parks, the Storm King Art Center has been welcoming visitors from all over the world for over fifty years. Storm King Art Center, Dia:Beacon, West Point Military Academy and Woodbury Common Premium Outlets are just minutes away. Look what it's like to work at the Storm King Art Center. Experience art and nature at the Storm King Art Center, one of the world's leading sculpture parks. New Windsor, Storm King Art Center receives the award for its size and scope.

The Storm King Art Center shows architecture works that deal with the issue of climatic changes.

Artist on climate change and the single Outlooks: a presentation: Cameron Weir opened last months Storm King Art Center in New Windsor, NY. A series of large-scale sculpture works, photographs, video clips, sketches and other works dealing with man's influence on the world around us and the 500 hectare area's population.

Indicators explore the site of the centre as well as the wider context of the arts, the landscape and infrastructures, in part through explicit architectonic means. Mark Dion's Field Station for the Melancholy Marine Biologist is a wood hut that houses a "scientific laboratory" with content that corresponds to the environmental state.

Acquiring science and archaeology to disrupt the way we get to know our world. In Gabriela Salazar's statue Matter in Shelter (and Place, Puerto Rico), the pictorial vocabulary of transitional accommodations constructed after storms or the semi-periods to shelter young coffe eplants is used as a comment on her own history and climatic changes.

Salazar's work reflects on the frailty of the constructed environment and emphasizes the ironic place of cement in it; it is a basic building block for creating textures that can resist climate-induced storms as well as releasing large quantities of CO2 as they are made. Further participating artist in Indicators are David Brooks, Dear Climat, Ellie Ga, Justin Brice Guariglia, Allison Janae Hamilton, Jenny Kendler, Maya Lin, Mary Mattingly, Alan Michelson, Mike Nelson, Steve Rowell, Rebecca Smith, Tavares Strachan, Meg Webster and Hara Woltz.

The Storm King also presents the 6th edition of its Outlooks range with Outlooks: An open space in a sealed sphere is supposed to be reminiscent of communications equipment and academic apparatus es - realistic and imaginary, topical and forward-looking - while the bunker is supposed to suggest a guard. Heir explored the story of the Storm King and had them determine their material options.

Ralph E. Ogden and his son-in-law Peter Stern, who established the Storm King Art Center, own the Star Expansion Industries Corporation's fastenings and screws. It is also concerned with the story of a 18-year struggle to stop a ConEdison nuclear station in Storm King Mountain.

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