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Storm art shop from the greatest living artists in the world. Store Sturm art prints designed by thousands of artists from around the world and curate a gallery quality art wall in your own home. Crystal optical sculptures by the world-famous glass sculptor Jack Storms. With McTaggart's energetic brush work and bold colours, the power of the thundering sky, the whipping wind and the turbulent sea are conveyed. Never attended a "normal" art school.

Storm-art gallery

Painting Padiham was a great hit last year and this year we are hoping to surpass the number of candidates and attendees. Pictures House Gallery will host the show, which will take place on Saturday, May 12, 2018. The Storm Art Gallery is the point of departure for the show and the platform for museum guests and performers to inform themselves about the year.

Entries begin at 8.00 a.m. and end at 6.00 p.m. with the submission of all works of art. Candidates must submit their applications by 21 April 2018 to participate in the competition. They will choose a location in the city where they will produce pictures and sketches, which will then be assessed by a jury of professionals.

There will be money awards for the first, second and third prize, and a picture will be exhibited by the general public in a Picture House Gallery showroom one months after the show.


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Storm-art gallery - Padiham

The city has a burgeoning art scene and a burgeoning renown as a platform for artisans and art galeries opened by gifted newcomers. A small square city is home to several art galeries, among them the Storm Art Gallery, recently opened by Burnley-born Stephen Ormerod, and the Picture House, opened by Heather Shenton.

A 24-year veteran of art in the region of Burley, Stephen is committed to sharing his love of art with everyone, and in addition to drawing and operating his art collection, Stephen supports tutors and other emerging regional performers and shares his experience and technique with others through a series of week-long workshop sessions and courses.

And Stephen said: It has many shapes from a Burnley studios about Hays accounting, a Padiham restaurants with my artworks for purchase and an Art & Soul art galleries that has been successfully sold for six years. Everyone gave me a part of the jigsaw and let me open the Storm Art Galery in April 2017.

"My premonition was founded on my own needs as an artiste to have a room that is accessible, with all the equipment I need to maintain my own work. This is different from a conventional art galleries in that the cost is distributed among the professionals. "Storm Art Galery has three workshops, Ceramic by Lauretta Rothery, Retro-Foto Padiham, that is Chris McKie's classic photograph and dark-room technique and my own art and paint courses in the art galery twice a weeks.

"On May 13, the latest Burnley Council-Picture House Gallery-Storm Art Gallery meeting, entitled Paintering Padiham, took place. Picture House proprietor Heather Shenton and I had the concept of a simple Padiham aerial drawing contest after running the Longridge contest last year, I thought what a great way to encourage art in my own city.

Currently my favorite media are oil, which I can work on in the new album.

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