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Sterling National Bank clients can expect the extraordinary. New Jersey-based Ari Klein strengthens the Sterling National Bank team The Sterling National Bank (NYSE:STL) today announces that Ari Klein is Senior Director and Senior Vice President of its Paramus, New Jersey based firm. Mr. Birk reports directly to Brenda Wiener, Senior Director, Commercial Banking at Sterling. Mr.

Klein will concentrate on developing businesses, relationships and customer loyalty programs.

Most recently, Klein was Vice President at TD Bank, where he was responsible for a range of corporate property and SME customers. Before he joined TD Bank, Klein served in various roles, among others as PNC Bank's Regional Representative for PNC Bank and as Head of Private Banking Lending for Bank Leumi, an internationally active bank.

For more information about Ari Klein and the NJ Commercial Banking teams, please see the full news article.

He strengthens the Commercial Banking team of Sterling National Bank

The Sterling National Bank, the most important affiliate of Sterling Bancorp (NYSE:STL), today announces that Thomas Holt has join its Commercial Banking teams as Senior Vice President and Managing Director. Mr. Holt will work in Sterling's Paramus practice and be reporting to Robert Koar, Senior Director of Commercial Banking. He will use his extensive industry knowledge to broaden the Bank's New Jersey and New York metropolitan customer portfolios, develop new businesses and assist cross-selling for clients.

He has a long track-record in banking in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President and Market Leader for Bank of America, where he was responsible for relationships strategy and concentrated on improving the Bank's lending, cashmanagement and finance offering.

Before coming to Bank of America, he worked at Sun National Bank and Wachovia Bank. Find out more about Thomas Holt and the Commercial Banking Team.

Staff Lending - Credits & Credit Cards

Discretionary credit and know-how to help you make your financial choices. When you have other Sterling account, you can earn great rebates now. Sterling can connect you to finance options for almost any transaction, whether buying or funding a home, condominium, cooperative, second or holiday home or investment property.

A Sterling Home Equity line of credit allows you to use these assets for an immediate liquidity stream. Through access to the capital in your home, you can consolidate other debt into a low monthly one. Discretionary credits Sterling provides both collateralized and unsecured retail credit at a set interest rate to suit a variety of your financing needs.

Request up to $50,000 for up to 60 consecutive month with an unfunded mortgage, or up to $100,000 for 60 consecutive month with a backed mortgage. If required, we are able to give you extra flexible individual facilities. Relieve the hassle and expense of an excessive current accounts with your own line of credit and up to $50,000 at competitive floating interest rate levels.

Pending loan approvals.

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