Middle English sterling, sterling, sterling, star, insecure origin. mw headline" id="Historique">Histoire< class="mw-editsection">< class="mw-editsection-bracket">[edit]>> Sterling, Virginia is a place of the Loudoun County People' s National Encyclopedia (CDP), Virginia. Situated to the NW of Herndon, Ashburn and Great Falls, it comprises part of Washington Dulles International Airport and the former AOL Group. It also hosts the National Forecast Office (for the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area) and the Sterling Field Support Centre, the National Forather Service Test, Research and Assessment Centre for Meteorological Instrumentation.

The USGS says Sterling has an mean altitude of 289ft. USGS has Sterling on the geographic coordinates: Sterling is part of Chesapeake Bay Watershed and adjoins the Potomac River. The Broad Run Farms is a housing area on Virginia State Routes 7 and 28, established in 1952.

The postcode of 20165 is shared and is called Sterling or Potomac Falls in turn. Potomac River constitutes its northerly boundary, and Broad Run its southerly. In 1995, the municipality joined forces with the state and the district to fund and set up its own sewerage services through an additional land charge.

Situated in the northeast part of Loudoun County, Virginia, between the Fairfax County Line to the west, the Potomac River to the west and the Algonkian Parkway to the west. Country Side is a residential complex in Sterling (postcode 20165), bordered to the N by the Potomac River and to the S by Route 7 (Leesburg Pike).

The Dulles is an unregistered place of worship in Loudoun County, also part of the Washington metropolitan area with the postcode 20166. Dulles began to be used as a name for the Dulles communities in the mid-1980s, when Pam Treadwell, Loudoun County's Chief Economical Developer, successfully brought in the United States Postal Service to allow Sterling companies and inhabitants to use Dulles as an alternative city.

The Potomac Falls is an unregistered location also in Loudoun County. Situated on the Potomac River, Potomac Falls is situated in the most northern part of Sterling, postcode 20165, adjacent to Maryland. Potomac Falls is named after a contest to designate the second new post office in Sterling.

It is made up of Glen Heather, Calvert's Glen, Cascades, CountrySide, Lowes Island, Rivercrest, Potomac Hunt, Great Falls Forest and Great Falls Chase. Forestry was initially regarded as part of Fairfax County, but when an extra part of the neighbourhood was added, it was converted to Loudoun County.

The Great Falls Chase is also a new supplement to what was formerly known as Great Falls Forest. The development of Potomac Falls began in the early 1980' and is now largely final. Bordering Great Falls and Fairfax County in the south-east, Potomac Falls has several malls, colleges and communal centres.

There is no Potomac Falls on any of the maps. The Potomac Falls is also home to three 18-hole Golf Tours inclusively Trump National Golf Club and is home to the Potomac Falls High School Panthers. The Sterling Park is a part of Sterling with the postcode 20164. Sterling Park was mainly constructed on some very large estates.

Marvin T. Broyhill, Sr., saw this as a great way to invest and chose to buy the 713 ha (1,762 acres) that now make up Sterling Park for $2,115,783 in 1961. One of the first municipalities to be designed in Loudoun County, Sterling Park was a favourite place for federal employees to live with their family outside of Washington, and includes a wide range of shops, church, gardens, a civic centre, a semi-private course with school, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, as well as indoor and outdoor sports facilities, plus two lakes.

It' the home of the Park View High School patriots. Sterling's major highways are Route 28, West Church Road, South Sterling Boulevard, Leesburg Pike, Algonkian Parkway, Potomac View Road, Waxpool Road and Cascades Parkway. The fire prevention is provided by the Sterling Volunteer Fire Brigade. Emergency technical rescue and medical assistance is provided by the Sterling Volunteer Rescue Squad.

They are both 501(c) non-governmental non-profit organisations that work as part of the Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System and divide three stations: one in Sterling Park, one in Potomac Falls and one in Kincora at the north end of Pacific Boulevard. Loudoun County Sheriff's Office and the Virginia State Police are providing prosecution.

Well-known personalities who were either sterlinged or sterling born: A former U-20 United States international who served as a Midfield and defense figure and was a D.C. United member, Conor Shanosky currently serves for Richmond Kickers. Leap up ^ Virginia Trend Report 2: State and Complete Places (Sub-state 2010 Census Data).

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