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The Staten Island Mall is a shopping mall in the New Springville district of Staten Island in New York City, USA. The Staten Island Mall, Staten Island. Take a trip to Staten Island Mall for the best in shopping, entertainment and dining! The Staten Island Mall serves New Yorkers and visitors and offers excellent access to an educated and wealthy customer base.

Staten Island mall, NY

Staten Island's only local mall has over 200 shops selling your favourites in terms of fashions, household goods and more. Take a whole or part of a journey and recharge your batteries at one of the quick, informal meals available on site. You can see what's new in your favourite shops, easily browse through the mall and parking like a professional.

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Former Staten Island Mall front door. The Staten Island Mall is a mall in New Springville, Staten Island in New York City, USA. It' the only covered mall in the community. It is the island's biggest retailing centre and, after the St. George and Eltingville Transport Centre ferries terminals, the island's third biggest transport junction with a large number of buses connecting to the outlying area.

JCPenney, Macy's, Sears and Primark are among the Anchors. GGP Inc. of Chicago, Illinois, owns the mall. JCPenney, Macy's, Primark and Sears are among the anchored lessees. Before the building of the mall, the property was manned by Staten Island Airport, which opened in 1941. In 1955 the property was divested with a commercial and entertainment centre, the so-called Staten Island Centre.

In later years Macy' s and Sears were among the anchors. The Rouse Company bought the mall in 1980 and rebuilt it by building extra tree lines and several new wells throughout the mall in addition to the six elevators in operation at the opening of the mall. In 1993, the last large-scale refurbishment and extension of the shopping centre was carried out with the completion of the JCPenney grand piano.

This is currently a two-storey shopping centre in the form of a "T" with a rentable total area of 118,400 m2[2] and a tenant's total area of 58,000 m² (622,000 ft²). New Radicals 1998 hitsingle "You Get What You Give" was shot in the mall.

It seemed likely at the outset that the company's reorganisation policy would involve the disposal of real estate. The Staten Island Mall would not be considered as one of these objects. 3 ] General Growth is now bankrupt again and the Staten Island Mall is still held and run by General Growth.

Primark opened on the second storey of the Sears shop on 15 March 2017, when The Container Shop took over the former Sears car centre.

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