State of new York Albany Ny

New York State Albany Ny

New York State Comptroller Bureau This New York State Office of the State Comptroller website is available in English. The" Google Translate" can help you to view them in other language.  Google  Google  Retail.    All kinds of document can not always provide an accurate translator, and it may not always give you an accurate quote. When you use information from Google Translate?

, you do so at your own risks.

Office of the State Comptroller does not represent, endorse, warrant or make any representations as to the correctness of the translation provided. Since Google Translate is the IP of Google Inc., you must use Google Translator in accordance with the Google Licensing Policy, which provides for possible liabilities for misuse: Terms of Use.

The New York State Court of Claims

New York State Court of Claim is the sole venue for disputes under state law against the State of New York or certain other state bodies such as the New York State Thruway Authority, the City University of New York, the Olympic Regional Development Authority, the Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corporation and the New York State Power Authority (real estate acquisition rights only).

It has no competence for a municipality, a district, a city council or an accused one. Information on New York general legislation can be found on the New York website of the Cornell School' s Legal Information Institute. If you are not familiar with the court, you should first read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Rules 206.5 - Documents submitted to the Tribunal - has been modified to include a new sub-section (e) inviting lawyers to leave out or edit certain sensitive personally identifiable information from judicial notifications. These regulations will apply from 15 April 2015 and apply to both e-files and hardcopy files.

For information on e-filing entitlements, please visit the NYSCEF website. An Editorial Cover Page is available to those submitting paper-based legal documentation that is usually required. It is NOT the tribunal for small receivables. You will find information on the small claim tribunals on the following pages: You are PDF files and need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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