Stanly Community College

The Stanly Community College

Campus chapter is a student led, student initiated organization on a high school or college campus that works with the local Habitat office. Stanly County, North Carolina National Register of Historic Places. Have a look at the College Park houses for sale! "We' re grateful to be able to help strengthen our communities through programs like Bright Ideas. When you live in Stanly County, the air you breathe needs your support.

Over North Carolina Cooperative Extension

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension offers our inhabitants simple acces to the ressources and knowledge of NC State University and NC A&T State University. The Cooperative ExtensionFieldFaculty provides North Carolina community with impartial, research-based information through training programmes, publication and event planning. The North Carolina Cooperative Extension works with local authorities to provide training and technologies that enhance the life, country and economies of the North Carolingians.

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension works with communities to provide education and technology that enrich the lives of people, land and economy in North Carolina. Co-operative Extension ist der Outreach-Arm des College of Agriculture and Life Sciences an der North Carolina State University und der School of Agriculture an der North Carolina A&T State University.

We are district officials and supporters, faculty, academics and researchers working together to enhance the Stanly and North Carolina area. Your Extension Center team will coordinate education programmes, open gatherings, workshop, field day, face-to-face counseling and satellites to help you make your most of your time.

The Extension Center is equipped with a wide range of articles and newsletter on a wide range of subjects. For Cooperative Extension to work for you, call or drop by the Stanly District Agri-Civic Center at the intersection of NC 24/27 Hwy and 2360 Newt Road in Albemarle.

Stanly County Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter

Which is a college section? Cambody-level section is a student-led, college or high education organisation that works with the community Habitat office. Campaign sections work with Habitat members to construct and renovate houses in partnerships with Habitat home owners. Many ways a section of the university' s faculty can participate in construction:

The campuses sections collect money to help the work of our community members by supporting both their communities and the Habitat for Humanity missions. Contributions can be made to Habitat for Humanity International and Collegiate Challenge World Village through home sponsorships, the Tenth Programme (donations to a Habitat for Humanity partner outside the United States), general contributions.

The heads and members of university sections are committed to making living cheaper, raising people' s consciousness of the issue of inferior living and demanding measures to make a difference. The HFHI Government Relations and Advocacy Department's other activities such as the 4th Weeks, Space Day and other campaigning are all available to help the sections promote affordability in shelter.

Campaign sections provide information about Habitat for Humanity's missions and work to others on their own campsites and in their churches. There are many sections that provide contributors, submissions and other ways to keep your fellows and church members informed about Habitat's missions.

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