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The Stamford Hospital is a private, Level II non-profit trauma center and an academic community hospital in Stamford, Connecticut. om omni-directionalité : Hospital_Services[edit]>> The Stamford Hospital is a privately owned, Tier II non-profit traumatic centre and an academia-based, collaborative hospital in Stamford, Connecticut. It is a subsidiary of the New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System and an important lecturer at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Tandet Centre, a care home adjoining the central hospital, was previously run by the hospital, but it was decided to be sold to a privately owned facility.

Much of the 2,254 hospital staff is covered by the New England Health Care Workers Union, District 1199, which is a member of the Service Employees International Union. Edgar L. Geibel, a Yale School of Public Health alumnus, was appointed hospital principal manager in 1954, a post he occupied for 23 years until his pension in 1977.

During his tenure, the hospital underwent significant changes and expansion, which included the building of the hospital's characteristic 1966-1969 Perkins & Will design for the hospital's characteristic Perkins & Will building. The Stamford Hospital is situated in the southwest part of Stamford, CT, near the city centre and by the water. Its oldest part, The Physician's Building, was built in the 1920', while its newest grand piano, The Whittingham Paving, was opened in 2001.

The Cohen Children's Center is an expansive paediatric unit at Stamford Hospital and offers all areas of paediatrics and surgical care. As well as the above mentioned institutions, Stamford Hospital has several ambulatory institutions, mainly clinic clinics and telebotomy laboratories located throughout Stamford and Greater Connecticut. The Stamford Hospital received the American Nurses Credentialing Center Award for Excellence in Nursing Services in 2005.

The Stamford Hospital was one of 168 clinics in the county to win the prize. The Stamford Hospital is part of the award-winning New York Presbyterian Healthcare System, whose clinics are regularly rated as the best in the state. It is an important partner of the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and is used to train the school' s undergraduates.

The hospital itself is also the surgical basis for residential programmes in the fields of internistry, general practitioners, paediatrics, obstetrics/gynaecology and gynaecology and surgeries. It will be part of the Planetree Alliance, a selected group of clinics focusing on patient-oriented healthcare across the country. The Greenwich Hospital is located in neighbouring Greenwich, Connecticut. The Norwalk Hospital is located in Norwalk, Connecticut, on the other side of Darien.

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