St Louis Community Credit Union

St. Louis Community Credit Union

In order to gain access to mobile banking, you must be a member of the St. Louis Community Credit Union and be logged in to our online banking service. Rewensions and detailed information about the St. Louis Community Credit Union. The Saint Louis Community Credit Union is committed to every individual in every community we serve.

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St. Louis Community Credit Union - 11 ratings - Banks & Credit Unions - 3651 Forest Park Ave, Midtown, Saint Louis, MO - Telephone number

I am not a member, but I have an bank with another credit union and they are sharing some branch offices. Since they are nearer to where I live than the credit cooperative to which I am a member, I phoned here to ask about the notarial work. Should I ever choose to abandon my present credit union, I would not hesistate to move my shop here!

The credit union is the right way! yesterdays I phoned the credit union to check if this office has a solicitor. This call was first made when I arrived at Costco and 40 mins later, when I loaded the vehicle with food (STLCCU has a terrible client service), I was informed that they had a civil law clerk on duty.

Today, after I had registered and been waiting 10 min, we got in touch with the lawyer who said that she was "not feeling well" and authenticated a non-member paper. And she went and talked to the civil law clerk and we were again disowned. In particular, the lawyer was impolite.

The credit union also keeps all paid cheques from outside the CU for 7 working day, unless you go in and ask the supervisor to give you a time out. There are no on-line cheque deposit options in the application. I' m looking for a better bank/credit union to which I can change soon.

In the truest sense of the word, this is the poorest place you could ever have a bench. They' never admit when they've upset your accounts. They toggled between the postal error and the question of whether I recently relocated or changed adresses.

I really wanted to help a dark company. If I go in, everyone's so kind. You kept a face-to-face review for 2 WEEK, and when I used the on-line message to get an explanation, did they tell me to call, and it took 2 back and forth notifications to get them to communicate with the politics to broadcast.

I' m supposed to call the store managers and the ast store managers who both had news, one from October, one from the new year. It' the poorest credit union or house I've ever been with. You have not been able to make my on-line trading balance work correctly after several phone conversations.

I' ll open an bank transfer and close my bank transfer books somewhere else. This will be a very lucky today when I no longer have to concern myself with the st louis community credit union. It' the worst credit union ever! She' s as impolite as the devil! Last time I phoned and the woman who was helping me didn't get her name, was so extremely impolite to me!

I think omgy why everyone here hates their gigs so much and why it's mainly this credit union! The credit union needs a facelift! You have to take up-to-date staff and get them through solid client services workouts! I' ve worked at 2 credit cooperatives and no matter how disappointed a member has made me, I've thought that I'm here to SERVE and Bc the members I have a work!

To turn this credit union around, it probably begins from above! I' m angry that I have to go to a store, but I' m starting to move my moneys! It' not my most important credit union anymore. After all, I can't abide impolite folks, and just about everyone I've met except Kim is named Kim Rudy Rudy Rudy Rudy.

It has a pleasant and welcoming team from cashiers to personal banking representatives. There may be long waiting periods on the telephone, but the professionals and courteous employees are overriding this small problem. And, because this is a small bench, it is always occupied, but again I would do anything to patience await to be serviced by my own black credit union and my kind people.

I' ve been with the St. Louis Community Credit Union for five years. The support is quite awful, it is unbelievably difficult to contact someone by telephone and the waiting times are usually long. Penalties are sent immediately by post and it is unbelievably annoying and difficult to respond because of a missing level of client support.

Hopefully they will fix things soon else I'm going to have to change to another credit outlet in town. Saint-Louis Community Credit Union is no different from any other large sector. And, yes, I mean to make unanticipated designs of your bankroll that can only cause a stripper effect of charges and cheque bounces. What do you do?

âThese blokes are arrested in 1999 and it has really harmed my pro standing. switching here from trading who hopes that what I had been hearing about CIs was accurate and was insured again and again by the individual who opened my bankroll that it would satisfy my needs. It was VERY specifically about the fact that I do businesses over the Internet and I was reassured in a very clear statement that I made the right choice to open the bankroll.

You appreciate and often refuse any on-line deal I make while THE MONEY IN THE TRANSACTIONAL ACCOUNTS is MONEY FREE. Their" safety policy" is apparently not aimed at facilitating on-line businesses without problems in order to "protect themselves from fraud". Are there only so many times retailer allow you to be refused before they start getting angry and ultimately look to stop doing deal with you.

It' not available at every DIY superstore or Walgreens and I've never had this problem with another CU. Failure to obtain electronics and other parts affects my professional representation and lawyers are approached about my possibilities, as such damage poses a serious threat to my company and the capacity to provide for my own people.

If I tried to draw their minds to these problems, I came across apathy and even said that I should just do banking somewhere else, because their system is not designed for simple web-transaction. âThis is a PSA: If you ever do Business from the St. Louis Community Credit Union âSTAY AWAY Shop On-line.

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