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Weing├╝ter and vineyards of Top Sainte Genevieve: View reviews and photos of wineries and vineyards in Sainte Genevieve, Missouri on TripAdvisor. Wellcome to the website of the Ste Genevieve Winery. The company is owned by Mesa Vineyards, which also produces several other wine brands such as Peregrine Hill. Wasserturm Weine - Vineyard & Winery.

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Situated on the western shore of the Mississippi River, Ste. Genevieve was founded in the latter part of the 1740' about two nautical mile to the north. It was one of several important municipalities in France that formed a part of the huge territories that France then owned in North America, called Illinois Country.

Most of the first inhabitants of Ste. Genevieve were French-Canadian inhabitants who cultivated the wealthy Alluvian land next to the town and produced salts and weights from streams and mining sites near by. In 1762, at the end of the wars between France and India, France relinquished all its possessions to Spain just outside the Mississippi.

In spite of the transfers and the new Estonian authorities in the area, Ste. Genevieve maintained his unmistakable Francophone style and style. The catastrophic flooding in 1785 caused the progressive shift of the town to higher elevations between the Gabouri brook fork, today's site of Ste. Genevieve. The charme and ambience of the historical Ste. Genevieve is mainly due to the noteworthy conservation of the special characteristics of the city.

In the historical houses of St. Genevieve, Quebec and Normandy, there are intriguing variants of this building type, known as poteaux-en-terre and poteaux-sur-sole. Authors and archaeologists are still working on these structures, which are absorbing these connections to our own national heritage. When the purchase of Louisiana in 1803 drove Ste. Genevieve into another era in the story, its French-speaking inhabitants found themselves in the United States.

The Americans' onslaught on Louisiana Territory soon also made its impact in Ste. Genevieve. Businessmen, attorneys and businessmen set up in the town, built their buildings and shops between the old buildings in France, thus recreating the attractive mixture of 19. cityscape. In the middle of the 19th and early 20th centuries, Germans immigrated leaving behind a heritage of enchanting brickwork buildings and shops throughout the town.

Genevieve's National Landmark Historic District today provides an incomparable insight into its people.

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