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When you are looking for a dream wedding location in Kent, St Augustine's is the place where dreams come true. We at St Augustine's believe that every wedding is different. Reception near St. Augustine, FL. St.

Augustine's is one of the most unique wedding venues in Kent with a wide range of rooms and facilities. St. Augustine offers a variety of wedding varieties, from beach resorts to courtyards and more.

Saint Augustine's, Thanet, East Kent's Premier Venue for your event.

My wedding took place here the other night. It was a breathtaking location and all the people there were kind, alert and simply beautiful. Dinner was great (my mother is still enthused about sea foods, especially how astonishing the shrimp was). We couldn't have had a better wedding and we are delighted that we had our wedding in St. Augustine's!

Carole, Kerry and Kieron cannot be thanked enough for making our wedding anniversary so incredible! We had a really good meal and a lot of it - also a big thank you to Belinda, who took over in the evenings - nothing was too much work. It'?s not enough to thank you - what a great family you are.

On New Year's Eve we visited a New Year' s Eve wedding, it was first-rate. The meal was good, the organization was smooth and the location is breathtaking. We had our wedding in St. Augustine's in October and it was EPIC! It was a wonderful place to hold the wedding and the people were incredibly courteous - we didn't want anything.

We had a really good meal and it was a great sensation that the whole crew had put their money into our party because we wanted it to go well, not because we had paid for it. We' re 18-8-17 and we can't thank you enough, from the beginning to the end of your ministry and your help was outstanding, you made sure everything was on the spot, the location is breathtaking and the meal was fantastic, thank you very much.

You' re astonishing, Nick and I think we were lucky to have you and our dear Georgia. It' a great task to make happy reminiscences for them. I' m gonna tell everyone St. Augustine's is the place. On Thursday, June 15, our wedding anniversary in St. Augustines was "OUT OF THIS WORLD" everything we could have dreamed of and so much more.

Employees are kind, inviting and kind, which means that the whole wedding had a great feeling, they went beyond that to make sure we had the right wedding year. Our wedding coordinator was astonishing and assured us every move of the way, making me and my wedding reception especially felt that particular date and making sure we had the wedding of our dreams. Didn't he?

So we got remarried here on June 16 and had a dusk wedding that was really astonishing from beginning to end. It was a great work and I have to thank our wedding coordinator Kerry Casely in particular, who worked so diligently to make our wedding a great one.

Melissa, our little girl, had her wedding here at dusk on Saturday and it was just so great, such a nice place and so kind and they went out there to help us and decorated for us. The whole front-of-house staff was polite and discreet, but did a great work all night, thanks to the cook for cooking an exquisite dinner for this crowd of guests who arrived warm and well presented (no easy performance, as I know well).

Again, thanks to everyone from the board to the people who made the party so memorable, and I look forward to this year's meeting with the same enthusiasm. "and I got remarried last evening in an afternoon service and it was beautiful. "and I couldn't criticize the personnel and make a little room.

Me and my man had an astonishing today and it would not have been if it hadn't been for all of you..... THANKS to ALL EMPLOYEES and especially to Jenni, our wedding coordinator, who made sure everything was as it should be. "`My new man and I got remarried on a beautiful Saturday in May this year in St. Augustines and I would suggest her to everyone!

The employees were unbelievable from beginning to end. I' d especially like to thank Scott, who made sure that the wedding had everything she needed in the mornings. It' been such a relaxing and lovely outing. The rooms are breathtaking and form a marvellous scenery for our photos, as well as the gardens.

"The first Twilight Wedding at St. Augustine's was a pleasure. June 21, 2015 - Yes..... Midsummersday... as little twilight as in the early afternoons! All of our employees were without exceptions outstanding from our first meeting to the advice to the evacuation at the end of the night.

All of the venue: the meeting room lounge, the wedding hall, the gardens and the band were perfectly presented and photo taken. Meals were of very high qualitiy and abundant. We would like to thank the chef for his help and ideas for the presentation of our wedding cheesecake.

Again our guests were astonished, astounded and impressing by the location and all had a good quality of life. All we wanted to do was thank everyone who made our wedding anniversary on May 3 so amazing! I' m sorry it took so long - we waited for our awesome wedding videotape so we could split it with you!

It was such a great time and everything was just great! Many thanks to Nickola, for all her help before the wedding, and also to Scott, who was astonishing that night - an absolutely great celebrity, who prepared everything and made sure that everything was just the same. He took care of us ladies while we were getting dressed in the early mornings.

It was totally awesome! One last thank you to Jade, who took over from Scott for the night, who made sure that everything was all right and took care of us! It was a great experience and all our visitors were commenting how nice the place was and how good the meal and services were!

But we can't thank you enough - our today was all we wanted and more, and we are so happy that we have chosen St. Augustine's as our location. In any case we highly recommended you to every couples looking for a wedding location! "Thought we' d better get this down on the record so you know we had an exquisite wedding at your location.

Congratulations to Chris, your cook, the meal he cooked and the presentations were first-rate. Finally, we would like to thank the other employees for making our days something really memorable. "My (new) spouse and I would like to thank your teammates for their hardwork and professionality at our last wedding.

All of our visitors comment on the willingness of the employees to help and the meal was excellent. "We had a great wedding and it was up to you and your crew that everything went just the way we wanted it to go. Everyone still is commenting on the meal and saying it is the best wedding dinner he has ever had!

They should all be very proud of your professionality and your nice location! I was so awesome, I wanted to do it all over again! When we saw what they could do with the place, we knew it was great for us.

It is a unique location and the band is truly stunning. For us the true advantage was that we could have a wedding without the faith. They were all very professionally and helpfully and incredibly competent when it came to eating and drinking, which was excellent.

Thanks for making our wedding so special!"

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